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Horse Show Stallion Stall Ideas


I have a stallion that has been to shows with permanent/tall stalls and was okay. My question is what does everyone do at the shows where the stalls are short and climbing might be an issue? I looked at the forums and saw that hotwire was popular but I’m not sure how to take that around with me and is it okay to not ground it? The other thing I saw was plywood to make the stall taller, but how do you attach it without damaging the facility’s stalls?

I would think if you needed to those types of modifications to a stall…you should not be bringing that stallion. So look for stabling off grounds.

The stallions that I know who we brought to shows didn’t need anything done to their stalls. We just were smart on where we went (good shows with good stabling options) and what stalls they went in. You plan on who will be their neighbors (including behind them—consider all around) and tack stalls. But all were good boys. You do have to think what is fair to ask of them.


When I go to shows I note on the entry that the stall will be for stallion. They always are careful about who is near him. Truth be told, he is way quieter than a lot of horses I see, lol. As regards above, if I had to think about hot wire on stall, I wouldn’t stable there.

I used plywood . I have seen people use hooks on the plywood but that assumes you will have something to hook over and stall even size?

I used heavy rope through drilled holes at the top as it gave me more flexibility on how to attach-I could tie it up to stall wall board -even rafters. If needed, you can put in screw eyes etc. to attach, you can overlap if for example for a 10 foot stall, etc. I think I had 4x8 cut to 4x4 so I could handle easier… memory is vague now. Often the wall is solid below anyway and you do not need on the lower half of the stall. I always packed it just in case. I always wondered if well fastened tarp would have worked in a pinch -but may have cut air flow too much?
Good luck!