Horse showing signs of discomfort

I just bought my first horse (and ottb) 2 weeks ago and she has been in her new home for about a week now. She is very sweet but now when I pick her feet or water touches her fetlock down, she is showing signs of discomfort. When I pick her rear hooves she throws her leg back but not in a way like she is trying to kick me. She is very willing to let me finish picking out her hooves without giving me a problem. She wears front shoes at the moment and last got her feet done 2 weeks ago. When I give her a bath, as soon as water touches her fetlocks down she picks up her leg. She only does this with the front left and the rear right leg. Have any of you had this problem? What do you think could be wrong with her? I’m worried something serious is wrong with her legs. She has been let down before I got her and is 5 years old without any limitations.

Some horses are just more ticklish.

Try to only pick the hoof part and not touch the coronet. Don’t force anything but once you have the hoof in your hand, don’t let it go gently go back while holding and once your horse release the pressure, just pull it back where you want the hoof to be.

I train my horses to « give » the foot, and hold them, so I don’t have to pick it up. Maybe that’s something you should try.

As for the water, it’s pretty common for horses to move/raise the feet when water touches them. Just ignore it and keep the water running on that leg until it puts it back down. No big deal.

Congrats on your new horse.

How long have you been around horses?
Do you have a trainer? Is there a knowledgeable BO or BM or Barnmate you could ask question to?

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Thanks for the information! I have been around horses for almost 8 years now and never really came across this situation. There is a BO and a BM I can talk to but it is very hard to get in contact with them.