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Horse sore from hitting jump or from osselets?

So yesterday my OTTB gelding and I were jumping around and we were having an off day and hit a few solid jumps and came up lame after hitting a few. He has massive osselets on his ankles that have yet to give him a problem under my knowledge. The next day he was still just a slight bit sore ( sound until he hit uneven or downhill ground) and the vet was out doing health certs. He was in a hurry and I asked him to take a look at him and he seemed less than excited to do so. He took one look at his ankles and wrote it off. He watched him jog on a circle and he was lame when the circle went downhill or hit uneven ground. Flexed him and he jogged off a little sore. And said he has arthritis and needs xrays and injections. I just don’t know if he actually just stun himself on the jumps since he out of the blue showed up lame after hitting some or if all of the sudden arthritis in his ankles are making him off. I need an outside opinion please…I’m devestated. I don’t want his osselets to limit my special boy :cry: :frowning:

If he’s not sound in a couple of days, you probably need to xray him anyway to find out whether he injured himself. I would be concerned about jumping any horse that hits solid fences repeatedly.

Thanks so much for the response! He normally does not ever hit a jump. He’s a really good jumper but like I said, we were having an off day. I was holding back for distances that just weren’t there.

I would personally shoot some x-rays. Hopefully they will show nothing major, but if they do, it is better to get out in front of it than to wait for him to be sore more often. In a few years, if he has more issues, you will have these to look back at to see how fast his issues are progressing.