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Horse sunglasses

Has anyone tried these? They seem to have different color lenses. I’d be interested in any comments on these.

I didn’t see a link but two friends use products from this company for their horses with cancer close to the eyes and uveitis. One uses the riding googles and the other uses the solar visor. In the years they’ve been using the products (religiously) the horses haven’t had new problems.


Yea, those are the people I have been talking to. They are suggesting 2 different colors for me, I thought I’d see if anyone here had had success with a certain color. Thanks

My friend who has the pair for riding has rainbow colored lenses on them.

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Yea, those look cool. The company has suggested orange or blue. Thanks

I purchased the goggles with the mirror green lenses and the dark lenses. My horse goes very well with them.

I got the blue, and am very happy with them.