Horse Things in Iceland

Hi everyone,
I’m planning a trip to Iceland and I am going mainly to experience the Icelandic Horses. Do any of you have suggestions for what I can do or what the best rides are or the best places to go?
Thanks so much

Google Horses North. I went to Iceland for their “Around the Volcano” ride and it ended up being one of the best vacations ever. We stayed an extra two days to do tourist stuff in Reykjavik.

I am going on this ride next year:

It looks amazing, can’t wait!

Save room in your luggage for this really nice blanket: SIL sent us one for Christmas. I love it!

I went to Iceland with a friend in October. We did a tour with IsHestar and loved it. It was the Northern Loghts tour. The horses were fantastic, food was good, farm house was very clean. We rode the Golden Cirlce. I think it would be neat to ride the black sand beaches next time!

I took this tour a few years ago in the summer. It was fabulous. I would use the stable again.