Horse trailer brand question

I am currently looking for an LQ horse trailer. Does anyone have experience with Harmar Dixie Renegade 7204LQ 2 Horse Trailer with 4’ Short Wall. They are located in AL and I am in NJ so I can’t just stop by and look at them. Has anyone purchased a trailer online?

You may want to post this question in the ‘Around the Farm’ forum instead. It’s a little more active. Might want to search the trailer name and see if anyone has talked about it before too. The answer may already be out there.

I love mine and I had an issue with a leak but I bought it from Dixie horse and mule co in Alabama but I live in Illinois and we took it to the factory as it was closer in Indiana (its owned by two brothers who were so helpful) it obviously cost us nothing to be repaired as it was under warranty. I have a 3 horse Dixie Outlaw with a 8 foot shoot wall. Its a 2019 we have been all over with it I love it! Feel free to ask me anything

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