Horse Trailer Camera


I am looking for recommendations for a camera that I can mount in our trailer to monitor the horse, and bluetooth the video to our Iphones.

Thank you in advance!

I just purchased this Swift Hitch camera and am using it as both a rear backup camera to hitch my trailer up (bc my truck doesn’t have one) and to monitor horses during travel. So far so good and easy to use.

Has it held it’s charge well?

I used this DIY setup. It worked great until my battery pack decided to not charge anymore. Sadness.

(Bluetooth isn’t generally used for streaming video, but you should be able to find a wifi solution.)

I have one from Tadi Brothers with a separate monitor. They may also have some that can be viewed on your phone if you look around the site.

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More in the album:

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That would cause very distracted driving. I would rather not know what they are doing back in the trailer.

Thank you everyone for the advice!

wsmoak - Would you recommend the model you have? It looks like what I was looking for - having both backup view and in trailer view. Just wondering how long you may have had yours and if the external camera has been ok with rain/cold, etc…

What is the battery life like? I have an iBall and the battery lasts 2 hours, and it’s a bitchkitty to change.

I am terrible at charging it fully before use so it always drains on me but I’m going out on Friday so will charge it until then and report back…

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I set a reminder to come back and answer this because we had a big trip planned. I have not had the camera system long, I bought it in December and there was some back and forth getting one of them replaced. So that’s the first thing. Tadi Brothers has done the work of matching everything up and they are heavy duty metal housings but this is still made-in-China electronics stuff. You’re paying for the knowledge and the customer service. They will get on the phone and troubleshoot and send a label for you to ship it back if it doesn’t work right, but be prepared to spend time thoroughly bench testing everything before you install it. That means having power sources available (you can probably find adapters around the house from other electronics.)

That said, the system worked great for our trip from Georgia to Virginia and back. The image cuts out now and then – anecdotally we think other wifi networks interfere with it, so if you’re in a residential area, or even passing several vehicles – betting people are traveling with hotspots these days to keep the kids entertained! If the image disappears for too long, we’d just turn the lights off and back on – mine are wired into the running lights for power so that worked to reset them.

It also worked far better on one camera view than the split view. Which makes sense, that is twice as much work to do.

We were hauling a three year old pony who had only been in a trailer once before as a yearling. Having a view of him back there to make sure he was okay was priceless.

210430_8375 by Wendy, on Flickr

ALSO we had a scare when the tire pressure monitoring system in the truck came on. We got off the road and checked everything… the tires were fine, if perhaps over inflated because it was hot. So we got back on the road and… nothing. Then I put the monitor back up on the dash, and not too long after, another alarm. Again anecdotally… I think the camera system interferes with the TPMS in my Ford truck. If the monitor was on my lap (passenger!) or in its RAM cupholder mount, it was fine.

Hope that helps!