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Horse trial period contract?

Anyone got language or a sample they can share?

I was hoping you would have responses that I could piggyback on. I was surprised how many came in Google (of course, you get what you pay for :))

I made one years ago, but used the interwebs to help.

I would be sure the terms cover who pays for any injury, where the horse will be located, and who can ride the horse (maybe limit to non minors, unless a lesson horse?).

You can make it say anything the two of you agree on.

Yeah the trial period idea fizzled when the horse demonstrated she was more vertically bipedal in her spare time than I was willing to accommodate…

trial period is zero days at least all horses we have sold or bought.

Eek! Yeah, that’s a no go for me, too! I’m glad you didn’t get hurt, op

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