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Horse TV's XC video..where's Zara's XC ride!

I saw Zara Phillips hugging Bettina after her XC ride but I unless I am blind I never saw Zara’s XC ride. I caught the video stream this morning starting with Jan Bwyn on Task Force so when they rebroadcast again this evening I watched it up to her ride and up through Bettina again. I remember watching all the other Brits XC…Mary King, Daisy Dick, Sharon Hunt, William Fox Pitt and Oliver Townend…BUT NO ZARA!

Am I blind? Hey I know it’s free but it’s just strange given that Zara Phillips was the individual Gold Medal winner that Horse TV would leave that out of the video stream yet show the riders from Italy and Poland. No disrespect to them I just don’t get it : (

P.S. It was great to see most of Amy Tryon’s XC and what a XC ride it was : )

What is the link for that live stream?

The Horse TV WEG stream is at http://www.horsetv.com/. Just go to the WEG “Free Special Event” box.

They’re showing all the events (and repeating them) for a week.

(Burghley XC is also available tomorrow through live stream – for an $18 fee – at http://www.burghley.tv/. I hope there’s more of this in the future.)