Horse urn

In the heat of the moment I opted for a private cremation and I now have a lot of cremains… I mean, a lot. I’m trying to sort out what to do with it all and wondering if I should keep a small amount in an urn. I’m leaning toward no, as I would much prefer to do things like finally get a name plate for the leather halter and engrave the bit I rode him in for almost 10 years instead, but on the off chance there’s a really nice urn out there… What ya got?

I don’t particularly like the horse hair vases that I know are very popular. They look very fragile and the last thing I want to think about when I look at his urn is how fragile it is/he was. Everything else I’m seeing is a variety of wood boxes and from time to time a statue - none of which look even slightly like my horse. Am I missing something lovely or unusual?

Imagine having a box with the cremains of Mr 16.3. It’s so huge…I about dislocated both shoulders heaving it up to carry it to my car.

Could you find an urn or vase and have it sealed? Maybe someone on Etsy has something?

I have a friend who has cremains of 2 full sized horses and a mini. She had a wooden box made for each one, which the bucket of cremains is inside, and on the outside is painted a custom picture of each horse. Last I knew they were arranged in one corner of the living room with some photos and mementos displayed on the wall above.


Anyone consider what happens to the ashes when you die?
You think your heirs will want the considerable amount of “stuff”?

Asks the possessor of 50% of DH’s (his daughter has the other half).
I intended scattering in a couple of his favorite places.
Then procrastinated until I moved out of state. That was17yrs ago.
Still close enough, but now pandemic prevents me returning.

I too will be cremated & will look into comingling ashes.
But then where do they go?
My family is 1 brother, only 18mos younger. Living ~2Kmi away.
I doubt he wants to be burdened with disposing of us both.

Above is a knotty enough problem.
When the ashes are not human, then what?

What about something like Just to be clear, I’ve no experience with the company just found them while googling when my elder cat wasn’t looking too good. (She’s fine now, on meds and continuing her life as a professional napper)

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The cremains of any of my pets can get dumped when I die. They have some level of significance to me, but I don’t actually think they’re in there and I don’t actually think they’d somehow be offended if their shattered bits of bone and ash went to the landfill rather than cluttered up the house of whatever poor sap empties out my home once I’m gone.

I am also 100% fine with my own cremains getting tossed as soon as they’re out of the cremation chamber. I guess I’ve got to put together a will someday that says “I’m not going to haunt you if you dump me or my pets into the trash, because I’m certainly not planning to hang around and eyeball an urn to make sure you’re dusting it properly.”


My father offered to build me “something,” as he’s built me two tack trunks and a very fancy saddle holder over the years. I’m not sure if I want “something,” but I suppose I’ll go that route if I decide to keep any of the cremains. Sort of hastily trying to make plans about what to do with the majority of them, as I have a housesitter coming in two weekends and it’s a bit hard to blend the six tupperware containers of cremains into the rest of the decor in my tiny townhome.

(The 60lb+ cardboard box was a bit difficult to deal with in my cramped quarters, which are also overflowing with mountains of tack I’m selling off, so I had a good cry, put on some gloves and a face mask and partitioned him up into the tupperware style containers that once held his grain on the few overnight trips we took. I figured there were far less fitting places to end up than the feed dish and it’s much easier to move six individual containers around.)

I have ordered from this company (Spirit Pieces) twice - once for my German Shepherd and once for my old horse I had put down this spring. Very nice to do business with, and a variety of pieces to choose from. The pieces I have ordered are beautiful.

What Horse_Rider posted is my thought too.
I have lots of things that mean something to me that after I am gone whoever gets the joy of cleaning out my stuff can do what they want with.
Like the portrait I had painted of my now passed horse. I love it. It means the world to me. It makes me smile every time I look at it.
After I am gone I think the only value it will have is for some horse crazy kid that might buy it at a garage sale for 10 cents to hang in their room, like I used to hang any horse poster I could find.

The same person who tosses this painting will have to toss the cremains of a few dogs.
Maybe I should make sure I leave someone enough money for a dumpster rental?