Horse with food allergies

We just found out my horse is allergic to rice bran, Bermuda, brome, rice bran, flaxseed and corn. He is a jumping show horse and needs to be in a nutrional Diet. I have been searching around and have no idea what he could eat. Any ideas?

He can have beet pulp, vitamin mineral supplement, oats, soaked alfalfa cubes. Feed timothy hay or alfalfa if he needs the added calories. This provides a balanced diet if you add the vitamin mineral supplement and should be adequate calories, but you would need to monitor the amounts to make sure he is getting enough and change amounts if he gets to fluffy or starts loosing weight as needed.

There are certain ration balancers you can use that don’t have the listed ingredients but it would have to be a fixed ingredient list and not sure what’s in your area.

What is your jumper eating now?

Timothy or alfalfa hay. A loose vit/min supplement, you’ll just have to see what’s available to you and read the tags. Something like this or this would probably work, but I’d call to check. (most performance or pelleted supplements will likely not work) Use timothy or alfalfa hay cubes/pellets, or beet pulp as a carrier. If you need more protein and energy, you can add oats. If you need more calories, you can add canola oil.

Alfalfa, timothy, oat hay and pellets of same. Beet pulp. Oats.

My horse is allergic to both alfalfa and rice bran, which takes out most of the pelleted supplements, but yours might be OK due to not being allergic to the alfalfa.

I fed my guy with lots of allergies straight barley + a vitamin supplement. It really helped with his sporadic hives.