Horses in Dublin, Ireland

I’ve never been to Ireland. My knowledge of their horse culture is from movies like, “Into the West”. So, yeah, I know nothing, lol. This short video was interesting. I like the idea of horses in cities to remind us of who we are and keep that connection and inspiration alive. However, it’s hard in some places to keep them well. These horses look to be in splendid condition. Are all of Dublin’s horse well kept? Perhaps not. To be fair, take any US county and you’ll find poorly kept animals. There seems to be a lot of knowledge demonstrated in this video. It’s like Black Beauty’s cab owner. It was a good place despite the urban environment. It can be done well.


My only data point is having to jump out of a runaway horse carriage in downtown Dublin on a Saturday night… :grimacing:

Oh wow! The video mentions good horse people lamenting about being punished for the bad ones. I can relate to that. How many of our trails have closed or our boarding barns shutdown after an incident? My first boarding barn was a haven for teen girls. We were a tight group and we took excellent care of our horses. Adults at the barn did likewise. There was an owner that was absent from it all. Their son, whom we never met, brought a girlfriend to the barn late one night and put her on their horse (who hadn’t been ridden in years). None of us were there and there was no one living on site. She fell, suffered a brain injury, and later died. Barn was sold within the year.

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This is very sad.

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There were drugs involved, too. If they had come during the day, any of us would have put her on a safe horse. She would have had a good time. The horse she was put on by her idiot boyfriend late at night was a four year old that was out on pasture and barely touched. How scared that horse must have been, too. I don’t know what happened to him, but it probably wasn’t a good end.

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