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HorseTV stumbles over the streaming of WEG video over the Internet

Horse TV is streaming a rebroadcast of the WEG pool feed video over the Internet this week. Unfortunately they seem to have got their audio and video feeds mixed up. You can currently watch eventing dressage and listen to the Grand Prix dressage audio. It’s quite bizarre to see Ingrid Klimke ride her test while on the audio stream the stadium announcer is introducing Edward Gal. Will somebody in Southern California please go and tell Horse TV that these are different competitions.

I’ll add my disappointment as I tuned in at 6 AM as advertised to watch XC - and saw. . . upper level dressage. Tuned in again at the advertised time to watch Eventing SJ and saw. . . upper level dressage. Not that I don’t LIKE dressage, but . . . it would have been nice to see the other.

Hey, at least you got a feed.
I’ve seen one small piece of the endurance award ceremony.
That’s it.
And that’s on a system which handles streaming from other sources easily, with a broadband connection.
Too bad.
I’d have sprung for the monthly charge if it worked.

i’m getting good video

but audio is pretty bad, cam barely decipher what the announcer is saying.

i thought that they were on west coast time, hence the scheduled didn’t match the times (although i did wonder why the opening ceremony seemingly ran over time even when taking into consideration the time difference between east and west coast).

well, at least i get to see something…

Streaming Video

Even today streaming video is still of rather bad quality.
Due to all kind of restrictions and problems with bandwidth and compressors.

I have some better results with my satelite connection as with my broadband-connections, but I still experience many blurbs and freeze frame’s.

Never the less it’s a start and every start is difficult.

And yes the programming is not conform the program-guide, and very often the video doesn’t match the sound, but again it’s a start.



I registered this afternoon and still haven’t received any kind of e-mail confirmation or user name information. How long did it take for you to be able to access the video?

Horse TV WEG coverage can be accessed through http://www.horsetv.com/WEG/. All they ask for is your e-mail address and ZIP code and this process is not related to signing up for paid continuing access. They use your ZIP code for determining your cable TV supplier to try and persuade that cable system to carry Horse TV.

What is shown may bear no relation to what Horse TV’s WEG schedule lists to be shown. The audio you hear may not have anything to do with the video either. That problem showed up again today.

I am now much less inclined to spend any money with Horse TV as a result of these fumbles.

Is Horse TV completely clueless?

The audio for the eventing medal ceremony is now being streamed with the video of the Musical Freestyle! Before that the audio was at least 10 minutes out of sync with the video. Yesterday the Driving Dressage audio was two minutes ahead of the video!

This is not funny

It was a shame to see that Anky was still jumping around while the Dutch National Hymne was already playing.

Everything seem to be out of sync.

At the following link you can download the FTM-ride of Anky.


The rest of the rides will be on my website after the weekend.


To comfort you

It was hilarious to see that Anky was still jumping around while the Dutch National Hymne was played.

Everything was and is out of sync.

At the following link you can download the FTM-ride of Anky


and the version for a dial-up line you can find at :


After the weekend the other rides will be available on my website.
Eurosport this time had a very good commentator John Swaab, O-judge and rider, and student of the
famous Otto Lurke school. When you can understand Dutch his comments at all tests GP, GPS and FTM would
save you many $$$ for a clinic. Well done John !

And here the link to the freestyle to music of Andreas


And the version for dial-up connections




Idiots in the editing suite.

I finally figured out why the HorseTV Broadband coverage of WEG dressage is such a shambles. They appear to be inserting slow motion and other replays of rides into the video track without taking anything out to compensate. The audio track remains the same length but every time they do an insert of a replay the video track gets longer and longer and further and further behind the audio track. That’s why Isabel Werth is apparently riding to Anky Van Grunsven’s music. They should have removed or overwritten the shots of a rider leaving the arena waving to their adoring fans when they add the replays.

Every editing suite I have ever come across locks the audio to the video unless the operator deliberately unlocks it. Somebody screwed up big time.

I just watched Anky doing the musical freestyle to Elvis music !(*%@#)

EQB, the links for the Anky Freestyle with the right music L’Esprit de Chansons is at post #9