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HorseTV to launch Broadband access

I get the HorseTV channel newsletter, although, I do not actually get the channel on my cable. They are going to launch broadband access. Read more about it here: http://www.horsetv.com/?p=08290601

kmp2707, do you think you could modify the title of this thread to imply the following information:

If people DON’T get HorseTV, by going HERE: http://horsetv.channelfinder.net/ you can enter your zip code, then get a form to fill out, followed by a form LETTER which Horse-TV then sends automatically to your nearest provider. It’s an easy way for “us” to get the numbers up to convince broadband and cable providers to carry the channel.

pwy-thank you for including that information. I have done it several times already. I wonder how long it will take for HorseTV to actually become available to all.

I didn’t alter the title of the thread because the broadband would make it possible for anyone from their computer to watch the shows. They are running 6 days free trial, then another week free when you sign up which it appears is $6.95/mo.

Wait! I THOUGHT so, but I didn’t see WHERE. Can you help me find that information (about broadband access)? This message is as far as I get, even though I have broadband through Bright House:

Sorry, Bright House Networks doesn’t offer The HorseTV Channel in your area yet … but your voice matters to Bright House Networks!

I don’t think they have actually launched the broadband access yet. According to the link in my first post, the web coverage will start on Sept 4th. Hopefully then we all can go to horsetv.com and sign up for it!

HorseTV Access

I hear the HorseTV Channel on the internet is starting September 24th. and you get a free week. I can’t get it on cable, so I sure hope I can get it on the internet.:slight_smile:

Horse TV has been streaming WEG over the Internet.

Horse TV has been stumbling around for the last two weeks trying to stream the World Equestrian Games over the Internet. They are now on their third attempt. For two weeks they haven’t been able to match the right audio stream with the video, which made the Dressage Musical Freestyle, in particular, look ludicrous. Somewhere they screwed up royally, either not understanding the difference between PAL (European TV - 25 frames per second) and NTSC (US TV - 29.97 frames persecond) or basic editing procedures.

http://www.horsetv.com/WEG/ is the URL for the free WEG coverage, which is going on for another week.

http://www.horsetv.com/Access/ gives info about getting their regular programs over the Internet for a monthly fee.