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Horseware horsepal blanket accessory

Hi all,
is anyone using the horseware horsepal blanket accessory for measuring temps and humidity under your horse’s blanket?
i have been using it for a few weeks now and the data is interesting. What I am not quite sure of is what my horse’s comfort temp levels should be set to.
its winter here in the north east and temps are in the 20/ and 30s. In a medium weight blanket and he has a trace clip his temps range from 74’F to 100’F briefly at the sunniest part of the day.
im just curious how others are measuring?

I took my horse’s temperature a couple of days ago and it was 98.5f. Any temperature reading between blanket and horse should be below his normal body temperature or he is at risk of overheating. A brief spike, as long as his neck is bare, should be okay. If his neck is covered he has no body surface to help shed heat.

I don’t have that gadget so I can’t help with numbers. You could try wearing it yourself and see how various temperatures make you feel. :wink: