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I am getting ready to have a much longer drive to and from work due to a job change and am looking for something to get me through the drive. I am already a huge true crime junkie but want so horsie options. I already have the Plaidcast but am wondering what else is out there?

Heels Down Happy Hour, Major League Eventing, Amateur Hour Equestrian are good ones. If you search “equestrian podcast” you will find a ton.


I like The Equestrian Podcast by Bethany Lee and the Heels Down Happy Hour, but am also looking for new listens!

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Horses in the Morning is my favourite by far.

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How do you access podcasts? Sorry, I’m technologically behind the times.

I find mine through the purple podcast app on my phone. I use and iPhone and it came pre-programmed.

Thanks for all the suggestions! Adding them now

I have a free app called Castbox that I use. I’ve used Stitcher in the past as well. I can also access many of them through Spotify (which I already have a subscription to) but the format is not my favorite when it comes to podcast finding.

You can use a lot of different phone apps and some platforms also have websites so you don’t need a phone to listen.

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Along for the Ride with Andrea Fappani. It is western performance horse based but the training discussions and industry discussions are excellent

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Watwick Schiller has one: Journey On. Its sort of horsey but he also talks alot about mindset type things.


The willing equine and equiosity

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My favorites are The Equestrian Podcast and the Practical Horseman podcast.

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I love the Warwick Schiller podcast as well


Thepegasus.app has a new podcast called Pegasus Weekly. I think it’s on all mediums but I listen on Spotify.

Karen Rohlf has some good podcasts. I just started listening.


Buck off banter!


Warwick’s episodes with Kelly Wilson and with Chloe Phillips-Harris are absolute must-listens. Chloe’s adventures are phenomenal

Horse and Hound Podcast
Heels Down Happy Hour

Another vote for Warwick Schiller! Stacy Westfall’s “Train Your Own Horse” is pretty good too.

Horse Talk with Doc Yardley - Ohio State Assoc Professor and Equine Field Service Vet. He and Dr. Timko bounce back on topics important to all of us horse folk.
And they have a sense of humor - always more fun.