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Horze.com Blanket Reviews please

FWIW… Read this when checking out the Horze blankets on the classicsaddlery site: “*European standards for denier are different from US standards. In the US only the thread that makes the rip-stop square must be the stated denier. The denier between these doubled threads can be tissue paper (think 200 or less). In Europe the denier is each thread. A 600 denier blanket that meets European standards would equal US 1200 denier standards as each thread is 600 denier (including those threads between the rip-stop squares) and when doubled to make the rip-stop square these two 600 denier threads equal 1200 denier. Because of US standards we have been lead to believe that 600 denier turnouts will not hold up. Horze and Shires blankets meet European denier standards and will actually wear better than many advertisied 1200 denier blankets that meet US standards. When purchasing a high denier (1680 or higher) turnout consider that the more threads per square inch the less breathability that turnout will have.”

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Thanks for the input!

Bumping this thread up because I would love anyone’s input on the Horze blankets… Specifically the Thunder High Neck. Chicks has some really good prices right now. I’m looking at this one specifically :

I have a couple of the Wug style Amigo’s and they fit my TB great, but he’s gonna need his own set this year so this high neck style might work. Anyone have experience with them? Thanks!

Two years ago I bought two Horze medium weight turnouts, I believe they are the high neck Avalanche. Love them. However, I do not blanket everyday, only during snow storms as my horses have a shed row and come and go as they please and live pretty naturally. I only blanket during storms to keep them dry and make myself feel better. I also just bought two of the high neck rain sheets from Chicks. Just got them and haven’t had a chance to take them out of the bags yet but hoping they are as good as the Avalanche.

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I have to say, I have bought a TON of those Horze sheets/blankets from Chicks! They fit my shark-fin, slab-sided TB perfectly! I have a bunch of the lighter weight sheets and the medium weight blanket (I think it’s the Dakota?). Even though the hardware seems a bit cheap they are holding up great! I can layer them as needed and add my high neck Centaur when the weather gets really bad. If you have a blanket destroyer, though, I’m not sure how well they’d hold up. My boy isn’t too hard on his clothing.

I pulled the trigger and bought this one

I hope it works out, it fits and it’s not a piece of junk. We shall see!!

I don’t have any of the ones listed, but I have their fly sheet with full neck and it’s by far my favorite fly sheet…and in FL I buy a lot of them. It fits my robust warmblood well, stays put, and doesn’t Rub. I will definitely buy more in the future. And their prices are great fior the quality of product.