Hose Timer - I left the freaking hose on at the barn again last night!

Under $10, no batteries, no digital screen and buttons for setting, good old fashioned analog hose timer. Turn knob to max to tension the spring, then down to your shut off number of minutes, and the job is done. The only down side is possible freezing if not disconnected to drain. I have 2, used daily on barn hydrants for over 6 years so far.


Wonderful!!! I’m trying to maintain an analog lifestyle and it’s getting mighty hard. A couple of days ago I was reading a book (the kind with pages made out of paper, a hard cover and dust jacket) while waiting for my car. The rest of them were hunched over their smart phones. My aging horse and my aging self moved to a new barn last fall: small, quiet and no teenage barn rats. It bothered me one day watching a kid on her horse, standing at X with her phone in her hand, texting perhaps. I thought X was for halt-salute.

this was going to be my suggestion. hair tie on the faucet goes on your wrist…

I have a kitchen timer for hoses that are running while I am out in the barn. Time is up! I also use timer for watering the various garden beds. Needing to move them every 20 minutes, it is easy to get distracted and flood.a bed. Loud enough buzzer to remind me water is on, easy to reset.

A second reminder for barn hoses is a note on the back door window. Water off? Right at eye level when opening the door, great since we do not ever leave barn hose running when we come in the house.

Maybe she’s reading this thread :wink:

You do know that you’re on the internet, right? Likely from your phone.

Yes, I’m on the internet. I was a “power user” at work in the mid to late 80s when PCs debuted. All my buddies in IT called me on 10/19/1987, Black Monday when the stock market crashed 20+ percent. I
explained it was too late to move retirement savings - we worked for a prominent mutual fund company. They tried to explain email but it was too complicated for me at the time.

I have a flip phone from Tracfone. I bailed out on regular cell phone 20 years ago. There was dead spot where I lived and good old Radio Shack said it wouldn’t be a problem. It was dead, so I returned the phone and found Tracfone. $100 per year. I have about 6,000 minutes to use up. I don’t do many calls. People get used to that concept. They use my land line which is bundled with internet and cable TV. My facebook account is dormant and I’ve never posted.

My current phone does photos and videos, handy for the horse. I do a few calls and learned how to text. I started with a response to the teenager who rode my horse. I answered “ok”. I text with the Vet. I do internet and email at home. It has an emergency button that dials a specific number for help. It keeps some medical insurance and history. That’s why I chose it: for riding.

The number of flip phone users is expanding at a glacial pace, but people do switch. Chuck Schumer uses one, I learned a few days ago. I expect your assessment of that fact depends on your political leanings.

At any rate, I’m trying to avoid things that have a chip, memory and a rechargeable battery. I don’t care if someone rings my doorbell when I’m on my horse. I don’t want a screen in the dashboard. I am sad for children who don’t go to a library. They can’t crawl through a pile of books looking at pictures of horses, reading stories and learning how to take care of them. I am sad for the rest of us - I know high school graduates who can’t multiply in their head or count back your change.

Can you tell I’m really old? So is my horse!

Time to head out for my analog hose timer!!!

I have a master’s degree and can’t count back change. At 50, I like a real book as much as you do and I’m simultaneously happy that I can work from my phone from home while I set my analog timer for my sprinkler.

Things change and always have.

I occasionally mail a letter to my sister. It’s like communicating by a secret code since our children never learned cursive writing. My daughter did take “keyboarding” in school. I thought she was learning to play piano, but later I found that it was just typing with a new name.

The rider I sponsor uses a smart phone to review animations of her dressage test before her ride. What happened to Whinny Widget notebooks?

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