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Hounds saved by fishermen

I ran across this article today: https://www.outdoorlife.com/survival/fishermen-save-hunting-dogs-mississippi-lake/. So thankful the guys were there at the right time!


Great guys that picked them up! One wonders where the owners were. Radio collars and numbers, it looks like some kind of competition. Shame on them for not keeping better track of their hounds! Thanks for the article!


There is another post about this somewhere. The owners were frantic on the shore. The dogs went after a deer and were too far out by the time the owners arrived.

They had gps collars so they went back out with the boat owner to collect the rest and found them with the GPS tracker, by then the dogs had been treading water for over an hour and were really tired. They didn’t want to get out of the boat because they thought they were going back into the water.

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Saw a Reddit post about this and the comments were, um, really ugly. I saw immediately that they were numbered and it was a hound trial. A lot of people really have no clue about how happy hounds are and how they really are cared for.