House chicken

I have a newly hatched chick on my chest. Sort of tawny colored. S/he’s just learning how to eat, by me using my finger like a bird pecking/indicating the feed bits. Taught to drink about an hour ago. Two were hatched out, but only one survived bad mothering. Singleton, i took away from it’s reckless mother hen. No eggs anywhere to hatch. This will be a house chicken. Now s/hes gone up by my ear and is burrowing into my hair. awwwww. Her/his name is Tbird


Awww, this will be fun. When they’re hand raised they can be very smart and not like normal chickens.
My son raised a hatched quail years ago and that thing was so smart and learned all kinds of words, warnings and signals.
You are now his mother and can teach this chick all kinds of things. Have fun!!!


My sister had a house chicken! They managed to train her to poop on a special square, but I have no idea how. The cats loved her.


Tbird is so cute!

How is s/he doing today?

I always wanted a house chicken until I heard the story of a friend that had a house chicken that got mites. Long story short, and I do mean LONG story., it took a year to get rid of the mites from the house, they had to take all their soft furniture to the dump, their car was totaled and she had to take baths in some chemical to get rid of them from under her skin. This is all true. I know the person. I suspect very rare but has cured me of EVER wanting one of my girls to live in the house!

My elderly hen, Abigale 13yrs old, is also kinda a house chicken. In at night/out during the day. She has had mites twice. Since i pick her up out of her cage and carry her outside, and back inside at night when she comes to the front door, i found mites …yes on me. They did not infest me…nor the house. Just crawled along my hands… Anyhoo…i have a container of Sevin handy. For the chickens that live free range, i just occasionally put some sevin in their favorite dusting spot and let them free themselves by themselves of parasites. It is not a big deal.


Tbird drinking coffee and watching Morning Joe with me this morning. 241807345_4682824585061662_7049585655493676466_n


i had a house chicken for years, just lost him last year. He was one of a brood of many and momma kept leaving him so he wasn’t thriving. Brought him in and doctored him up, tried to take him back out the barn and the other chickens were beating up on him. He lived in a parrot cage along with my noisy parrots and did well until he got really old and had to be pts. good luck


i’ve had a few house chickens. Argo was one of the great ones…here are a couple pics of Argo. She was an indoor/outdoor chicken. I had a cage on a table in the bedroom where she slept. When she came inside in the evening, she went up and put herself to bed. She laid her eggs in there too. She had a boyfriend, a big white rooster, who would come to the back door in the morning and call for her. She would cluck and pace until i opened the door and let her go out. She was a fine, fine bird. 13062394_1206886952655460_1106982801247349037_n