Houston H/J Barns - Recommendations?

Hey everyone! I’m moving to the Houston/Cypress area soon and would love some suggestions on H/J barns. I reviewed some of the older threads but most seemed fairly outdated. I’m an adult and moving with my very large hunter who requires at least 8 hours of turnout. Thus, big stalls and good turnout are essential.

Excellent horse care with good instruction/riding is the top priority. I work long hours, so it’d be great to have a covered ring with lights and a pro who can do some rides during the week. I’d love a barn that has adults and that does a mixture of schooling shows and some of the bigger nearby shows. Extensive, long-distance show requirements probably won’t work though, as my PTO is limited.

Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!

You’ll get some real answers, don’t have time right now … but also do a Chron forum search, because there are a couple of good threads on this in the last 12 months.

Another thread is always useful, new information will come up! :grin:

I reviewed the posts that came up in the forum search before I posted mine, and they didn’t quite hit the mark. Thanks for your reply though! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure about their situation at the barn with turnout or a covered arena, but I do know some great trainers in the Houston Texas area. Berry Porter, Will Roberts, Daniel Bedoya, martien van der hoeven, Peter Pletcher, and Liza Richardson all seem to have great programs. Their horses look very well taken care of and their riders well prepared at shows.

8 hours of turnout in this area usually equals night time turnout. Just fyi. Its too hot in the summer for all day so most horses want back in.

You will want to search Greater Houston HJ association for trainer names as that is local shows and some of those trainers go to some rated shows.
Berry, Will, Daniel, Martien, Peter, and Liza don’t go to local schooling shows. Will has a covered arena. Don’t know about Berry or Liza.

Cypress area-I would check out Jessica Law, not sure if she does local. I don’t think she does but she has a covered arena, lots of adults, and good turnout.