How are Hunter Classes Judged?

I know next to nothing about the sport, except that form and effort factor in, unlike jumpers. So how is it scored? What does “good form” entail?

No? No bites? Guess I’ll have to google it. haha

More subjectively than objectively?

Both. As in, what does the rulebook say as well as what do judges and trainers really look for.

That’s a question with a very long answer. I would suggest finding the book “Here Comes the Judge” by Carolyn Vaillancourt and ___ Roy. It will give you all the basics, and then some. Others can chime in with their favorite books on the topic.

“Judging Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation” by Anna White-Mullin will give you a better answer than just about any other resource, IMO.

Judging criteria for Hunters

  1. Your name
  2. Your Trainers name or the barn you ride out of
  3. Who’s at the in gate yelling directions to you
  4. How much you spent on your horse, tack, clothes
  5. Are you wearing different colors for each round
  6. Have you successfully put your horse to sleep and no
    trace of the drugs you used.


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Go see my thread on the HACK. It is a good one and there is a link to an old thread on how to win the hack. That will at least cover the flat class.