How are those sempatico babies doing? U/s?

I have a 5 year old gelding doing the hunters. He is super quiet, bravest horse I’ve ever sat on, and jumps with great form. How are the other sempatico’s doing? I am really curious on how their jump techniques are? Mine jumps extremely well when the jumps are bigger than 2’6, but gets bored pretty quickly with smaller stuff and doesn’t try very hard. He has auto lead changes now and it super quiet at shows. I figured most sempatico’s would be super quiet. Anyways, just wanted to check in! Post your pics!

You know if you start a thread like this you’re supposed to share pictures too!!! :slight_smile:

Here’s mine… These pictures are from the past couple weeks. He is 4 years old and about 17 hands.

Conformation shot.

Trotting under saddle
Learning how his body works over little bitty jumps.

There are a few current videos of him in my signature link.

This horse is a super athlete. I look forward to bringing him along. Planning on taking him to a little local show in June. He’ll debut at the AA rated shows next June as a 5 yo. :slight_smile:

Mine is, at this point, a pro ride all the way. He’s super athletic and super sensitive. I’m the only one to have sat on him so far and he’s a fantastic horse, but having been gelded late, Dec of 2011, he’s got a bit more under the hood than the average gelding. Quiet, is not how I would ever describe him. Dramatic, yes. Quiet, no.


Best most laid back personality!

My boy turned 4 in April. In March he was started over fences for the first time. Like Riot, if they are low they aren’t worth the effort to him and he gets lazy. He goes in a plain snaffle, doesn’t need to be lunged etc. You can just hop on and go.

He competed in his first eventing competition (Young Event Horse) in April, and finished 2nd out of 7 entries in his class. The judge said he was a very agreeable and submissive youngster on his notes from his dressage test, and there were 6 inquiries if he was for sale. He definately stood out among all the solid colored horses. :lol:

YEH spec: The fence parameters at the qualifying competitions may be up to 2’11" (Novice specifications) for the four-year-old classes.

Here are a few photos.
Stadium Jumping
Cross Country

Sigh…I’m so bummed I didn’t breed my mare back to Sempatico. She had a colt by him in 2005 and I sold him to someone for eventing. Thankfully, I get occasional updates, but they are just such nice horses! Monte (the one I bred) has competed successfully through Training level eventing so far. Most recently he was at Longleaf, where it looks like he didn’t do as well as past events :uhoh: especially in Dressage. Yay! I found pics!

I was supposed to be breeding my lovely TB mare to Sempatico this year but I got a double whammy from the IRS and my job (I still have the job; it was just a bad quarter and my salary is somewhat based on how the quarter did…). I have done a breeding lease to a friend at the same barn so I can watch her like a hawk, play with the baby, and THEN, next year, do the Sempatico breeding.

Being responsible is hard lol.

For those of you who are responding… what is the breeding/size/temperament of the dams of your lovely horses?


For those of you who are responding… what is the breeding/size/temperament of the dams of your lovely horses?[/QUOTE]

Mine is out of my stakes bred TB mare, who is is built like a tank and is 16.2 hands and very laid back as well.


For those of you who are responding… what is the breeding/size/temperament of the dams of your lovely horses?[/QUOTE]

The dam of mine is a Trak/Morgan cross by Pregelstrand. She’s a whopping 15.1 (Monte is around 16 or 16.1) and is the sweetest horse ever to grace the face of the Earth. I know…that’s saying something, but it’s true! :smiley:

This is my horse’s pedigree.

The dam is 17 hands and more of an old style warmblood, Holsteiner/TB. Very big with lots of bone. Lovely mare. Certainly produced a VERY sturdy colt. :slight_smile:

Any more comments about the jumping ability of Sepatico get?

I’ve never really tried my 5yo Sempatico mare o/f.

Today she had her first dressage show with a friend of mine riding, at Intro A and B. They scored 67 and 73 %. I love the temperament of my Sempatico mare! She handled the show like a trooper!

My 2yo filly is out of my weonderful TB mae that has produced both dressage, and jumpers and now recently eventers (infoal with her 10th foal). She is a great grandaughter of Secretariat and is the best mare I ever bought. She is 16.1h but all her adult babies are 17h or more. She has had 2 Sempaticos. The first is just now strated under saddle at 3yo and owner loves him and plans to compete him in dressage. He is 16.3h now. His full sister I still have is 2yo and 16.2h at present. I think she could do anything!!! I will post video link and recent pics. Love her and hate to sell her, such a nice temperament. Here is recent video free jumping
More pics of her on my website and Facebook farm page.

Any more comments about the jumping ability of Sepatico get?[/QUOTE]

Here are some from online ads, friends horses and others I have seen online. His first foal crop is just now 7 so it’s fun watching to see what they can do. The links below are for offspring between 2005-2008.

Stella competed up to the level 2 at HITS Ocala this winter. Currently showing 3’6 jumpers with my junior daughter. Just came back from Saratoga. You can see her at HITS Saugerties, Lake Placid and Manchester Vermont!

Je T’aime
Sport competed by Laine Ashker Training level at Full Gallop Farm
Solo at Syracuse
Optical Illusion
BWF Spellbound
Paint The Town

Erin Kellerhouse just had a Sempatico filly born last week which will event when she grows up. :yes:

Pinto power!

Thanks Flipped - looking good!

I’m dragging this one back up since I just fell in love via an online ad. I’m really wondering about their minds, are the ammy friendly horses? Money isn’t a drop in the bucket for me at the moment but for the right horse well, hubby will just have to sacrifice :wink: So, is Sempatico throwing good minded babies?

Beautiful horses :slight_smile:

As a Paint/Pinto breeder, I love to see quality and color combined…they are sure striking!!

They are definitely ammy horses!

Here are some pics of my boy. He’s 5 1/2. Showing the hunters 2’6. He was recently reserved out of 22 at a rated show. He’s amazing.

Getting 2nd in the hack at a rated show

This is with a 13 year old girl

He’s about 16 hands… 16.1 on a tall day. But really built with huge bone. He is def. a tank. Vet says he weighs about 1300#

Here’s my guy last week really learning to jump. Since the beginning of July we’ve started schooling fences more seriously to prep for a little local horse show this upcoming weekend. Next year he will make his A rated show debut. Planning on doing the 5 year olds with him.