How can I become a working student in Germany?

I really want to improve my riding and I’m pretty serious about it. I saw the new blogger Kristin Carpenter with her writing about training in Germany. She said in her blog that she went to Germany to be a working student before. I want to know how she got that position?

I’m 23 and just graduated university and am ready for focus on my riding. I am also learning German.

How should I go about trying to embark on this adventure?

I sent you a PM!

My daughter has spent considerable time as a rider in Germany with a dressage trainer, a show jump trainer, and an eventer.

She rode a lot of young stallions who were headed to their approvals, as well as dressage horses and jumpers at all levels. She took her event horse along on the second trip and schooled and competed at several of the major EU venues with him. She also competed a fun group of young horses, mostly stallions, to qualify them for their young horse championships.

If you plan to compete there you will have many hoops to jump through to get a license and plenty of paperwork for all the federations who are involved!

DD made her contacts through friends, one of which is Maren!

The experience was impressive and she came home with a couple of fine souvenirs LOL !


and she came home with a couple of fine souvenirs LOL ![/QUOTE]
4 hooves & mane & tail sort? :winkgrin:

I also have a friend in Argentina who runs a pretty cool WS/young horse barn. Riding 8 horses a day under supervision is a big part of the gig. PM me if you want contact info. Definitely going away someplace to really immerse in riding and in someone’s system is a fabulous way to improve and get a taste of riding full time. Invest in ibuprofen an gumption first, then drink in the experience!

One souvenir does have 4 hooves and a tail. She got him when he was 2 and sent him home while she remained in GER.

She started riding him in Jan of 2013 and he won the USEA Young Event Horse Ch for 5 yr olds in Nov… He is a pretty good guy.

The next year, when she was in GER eventing with Andreas Dibowski she met a nice guy who is an eventer, and brought him to the US in 2012. He’s a pretty good guy too!

You just never know what cool things you might find when you travel LOL!

Lol Tuppy, id say those are some pretty nice souvenirs!

AGoodHoss, that was my blog your read! :tickled_pink:

I found my working student gig through a trainer i cliniced with back in the states (he is German). I was taking the young horse i was riding at the time to him, and despite our less than stellar first day performance (as in, we only went backwards and straight up…sigh. I wanted to crawl in a hole!) he invited me to come work at his stable that he shared with another trainer.

I guess after i showed up the second day he figured i was dumb/crazy enough to make it over there!

It was an AMAZING experience, and i highly recommend it. I would talk to trainers in your area and see if they know of anyone. Ive had other friends go to Ireland and also have amazing experiences. Good luck!

I’ve been on there and applied at several places. thanks