How can I change the color of rhinestones on my saddle?

I have a barrel saddle with aqua/teal rhinestones on the skirt. It looks similar to the photo below except there is also a star outline made out of rhinestones. Anyways, I was wondering if I could change the color of these somehow or replace them with a neutral color like silver. I find it very hard to match my tack with teal rhinestones all over my saddle.

If the stones are on conchos, change those?

My reining saddle came with square conchos, very pretty, but I like round better, so changed them.

Yup, just swap out the blinged conchos. They unscrew. Just start twisting them and they’ll back out of the saddle. Of course you’ll have to buy new conchos to replace them. You need conchos with screw backs either already on them or you’ll have to add the screws. It’s not hard.

If you want conchos with a different color of rhinestones you can find them online. I think even etsy has them.

@Paint_Party @Bluey nope, they aren’t conchos. They conchos on the saddle are the same color as the leather. I’m talking about the actual little gems on the skirt. On the photo I added, it’s the ones around the edge of the skirt. I just don’t want to attempt to rip them off, and then ruin my saddle…

My guess, they may be glued on?

Could you try prying one off where it may not show and see if it is glued or it has a tail and was pushed in or nailed in?

If it has a saddlery’s name, try calling them?

If your saddle is a single skirt like the one pictured, you’d have to take it to someone to remove the sheeping then pull the rhinestone brads out of the skirt. Replace the rhinestone brads in the color you prefer. Then have the sheepskin replaced.
You can buy the rhinestone brads and the brad setter on any craft website or Amazon.
But honestly it would probably cost you more money and time than what your saddle is worth, depending on the brand.
You might be better off selling it and buying another with the color you want if you’re that worried about it.

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Well, I guess you’re in kind of a dilemma then.

Could you possibly alter the color choices in your bridle or other equipment to coordinate with your saddle bling? That option may be more affordable and practical than altering your saddle.

Someone told me they used nail polish of different colors on those and that worked well to coordinate colors.

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Get teal tack? But teal pairs well with many things including red.

My red roan horse usually rolls with turquoise colors.

Stand back 30 feet and look at the saddle. Can you tell what color the rhinestones are? Likely not. So it doesn’t matter.

As far as matching, turquoise goes with almost everything. It goes with all the blues and greens, it goes with browns and it contrasts nicely with reds and all the earth tones. Look at a Navajo blankets and jewelry for inspiration. So just ignore and do the rest of your gear as you please.


Replace them;

These are my thoughts exactly. You probably only notice them if you are way up close. Other than the teal leather on this sample saddle, I can’t really tell what color these rhinestones are.

Can you gently open the prongs on one in the least conspicuous spot and see if you can remove a stone that way?

(Sorry, I was responding to Scribbler’s post above.)