How do I change my email and password?

Struggling with this new forum format a bit. How do I change my email address on file? The one listed is old and no longer active. Also, I would like to change my password (my usual password isn’t and am unable to log in from other devices, not sure if something happened with the forum update). Can someone assist?

Deleted previous post, information there was not working, will have to wait for those that know better how to get there.

You have tried your settings, right?

All I can find in mine is this under my email:

“Email can be updated from SSO provider.”

Email and password is managed by the main site. Go to , click your real name in the upper left hand corner, and you can adjust both right there.

This must be done on a computer, not a mobile device (or use the desktop view from your mobile device, I have that option in Android, not sure if it’s an option in iOS.)


is this so they have an IP address for the poster?

I have a question, when I first tried to answer, I found in the FAQ’s list, third from the bottom on the Settings list, “how to change your email”, with clear instructions and pictures of where to click all along.
Should have taken a picture and posted that, not copy the link.
I used the link on this forum, on the FAQ thread several threads below, so may have been an old one?

I posted that link, then double checked to be sure the link worked and all was there, EXCEPT that line “how to change your email”, that had vamoosed.
Checked that link every which way, could never find that line again!
So I deleted that advice, because, duh, that line was not there any more?

I was fully awake, had been for long time, not dreaming, but it sure makes you wonder how things work or don’t work.

Anyway, may want to add that advice to the FAQs again, with the current information.

You have an IP address regardless of what sort of service you’re using.

The mobile view, as with many, many, many other websites is missing some elements, presumably because mobile devices are smaller and it’s just not actually possible to include everything.

You can force your phone to the desktop view (possible with Android, not sure about iOS, I’m not an iOS person) or you can use a computer.


My email reverted to one that hasn’t been active in years. Very strange.

I fixed it on the main Chronicle page but it’s not updating over here on the forum.