How do I find out who has cross country schooling in March?

I have 3 weeks off in march and would love to head south to Texas or someplace warmer to school. Really don’t want to make the 17 hour drive to florida. Do you have to look at the page of each facility to see what is coming up schooling wise? We are in KC.

Know what ? …type what you are looking for into the Google search box and…tadaaa Google will make you a list :wink: I’ve heard that people do it every day.

Early march or late march? Southern plains are getting hammered with winter weather right now and I suspect it will take a few weeks before xc courses will be back in service. Will you be bringing a trainer? I know Texas Rose requires an insured trainer. Oklahoma has some xc that are pretty much alway open for schooling. Thats the extent of my knowledge, sounds like fun though!

I am off March 4-23. That’s my concern. We have a local schooling mid march that is frequently canceled as the march weather here is not great. I see Feather Creek mid month so see if they fair better than we are. Quail Run in Texas is March 20/21.

In response to another post, someone recommended the eventing camp at Appletree Farm in Aiken. It’s in March. Work is keeping me from going this year but it’s the first place I would be if I had time off.