How do I stop my horses buddy from tearing off his neck cover EVERYDAY!

Hi, my horse is fully clipped for the winter, so he has a neck cover on, but according the my barn manager, my horses lil buddy pulls it so hard the Velcro comes undone and Titan is just lugging around his flapping neck cover until they fix it at least once a day :persevere: I would just take it off, but we live in Canada and it’s December, so that isn’t really an option. Has anyone had any luck with those wrap protector sprays in this situation? I’m just a bit leary since the cover is obviously really close to titans face, and don’t want him constant getting wafted with cayenne pepper or something. Thanks a ton in advance for any help!! :grin:

Could you change buddies?

Let someone else be the one picked on and disrobed?

Haha, nope, unless I want him in a tiny, individual pen which I refuse to do

Could you get a couple or three buckles or snaps sewn that closes it along with the velcro?

This way it won’t be coming undone, unless buddy grows opposable thumbs.

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Haha, as thinking about that too. I as Hopi f to go the spray route first before hand though. Titans actually the boss, so it’s not like he is getting beaten up, they are just playing

I wonder about any spray or creme to paint on such a large area.
Your horse may not like to smell something strong all day long either, if he is wearing it, any more than the other will like to mouth it.

That is why thinking other first.

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If they’re anything like my boys, the sprays will not deter playing or anything else clothing removal related. You could add toys? Or maybe one of those tough fly sheets with neck over top?

I’m going through this too, except my OTTB’s playmates enjoy shredding his wardrobe in addition to pulling off the neck cover. Five blankets and a neck cover damaged or destroyed in the span of three weeks. I resorted to putting my gelding on night turnout even though it’s the middle of winter here in Western NY, so he can have a private paddock with buddies in the adjacent paddock so he’s not totally isolated.

I second the suggestion to get a snap or buckle sewn in. The No Chew sprays haven’t done a thing in my experience, unfortunately.

Good to know! Have you tried putting a Kensington fly sheet over you other blankets? That’s what I had to do for my old guy back in the day to protect his blankets

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The offender has to go to blanket bib jail.

That means they wear an attachment to their halter that will prevent them from grabbing onto blankets and neck covers. It works, unless they are exceptionally crafty.