How do you organize/store all your summer bug stuff etc?

Space is kinda at a premium here. I have a show trunk (not huge) and the tack room is fairly full.

There are so many things I reach for in the summer for my horse when I’m at the barn. Fly spray, Swat, other ointments, liniment, etc

I really want to find something to put it all in so it’s not all inside my trunk all over in a haphazard way. And I don’t want it out where everyone can help themselves to my stuff.

Maybe a black plastic container that’s tall enough and has a lid? Maybe I’d need two (especially if I put rags and bath stuff with all that, but I usually separate it out).

A minor issue but, any suggestions? How do y’all do it?

Tractor supply 5 gallon bucket with a lid?

I like the “over the door” hangers for fly spray so the triggers don’t get messed up but doesn’t sound like that’s a good option for you if you’re concerned about stuff getting “borrowed”.

Need to find something that is wider. The 5 gallon buckets are not wide enough to house everything. Gonna look for a rectangular thingy

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Since space is an issue, could you put all those things you mentioned into a grooming tote (or a similar tool/cleaning supplies tote from hardware store) and keep it in your car? That gets it out of your main trunk and out of the tack room so people aren’t helping themselves, but keeps it organized and portable.

Otherwise, I’d probably do exactly what you described and just separate it out into a separate smaller bin with a lid and leave in the tack room.

It’s a good idea, but there is “one” person who needs access to (at least a few) of my items at any time (the barn manager). It’s also hot as Hades in the summer so the potions would boil lol.

I’m just not there regularly enough to keep it off premises. So far I think a bin with lid may be the easy solution.

Perhaps a storage tote?

A few years back, quite a number of people at my barn had a smallish plastic rolling toolbox that they used for grooming type stuff. I can’t seem to find the exact model anymore but it was black and yellow and probably Stanley or similar brand. It had a tall section on the bottom that was large enough for fly spray and shampoo type bottles, and then a few drawers above that and a top section with a lid.

Sounds practical

Yes, the various toolboxes are excellent. I have a 3 tiered wheeled one which is da bomb, they aren’t terribly expensive either. There are ones with locking options if you need that too. That’s my go-to & they don’t have the “horse market” price gouge.

Here is mine (scroll down past rambling, lol)

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