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How does this mare look on paper for possible eventing?

I just got this mare last March, she’s 7 years old and 16hh. Her trot is a dream, as is her canter. We’re still working on getting her brain the because she had 2 years of doing nothing besides having a foal. I want to get an opinion of how she looks on paper, then I’ll post a picture. I plan on doing eventing with her, if she takes to it.


Where is this mare? I would love pictures.

Relaunch Tail-Male, and that close, is a strong bid for sound, powerful jumper. Expect difficulty.

Rare Brick is an incredible horse to have, IMHO. Very honest, good horses.

I had a horse with Rare Brick and can spot the eye and face a mile away; they tend to have soft but worrier eyes, noble features, convex profile. RB’s sire, Rare Performer, is IMHO one of the better lines from Mr.P for sport.

I am surprised you found one with both Rare Brick and Relaunch up so close: those are, by racing standards, old stallions.

I would be curious to see her go, if you have videos. IME they have more of a business-type trot; not gorgeous, but not sewing machine either – though I’ve found Relaunch and RB both tend to package canters that make for excellent event horses. You’ve got lots of War Relic blood further back, Spy Song, and heavy doses of Bimelech, which brings lots of Peter Pan (which is old jumping blood) to the equation. These ancestors are all well in the engine-room, but may be of note if you consider breeding this mare.

The pedigree has jump all over it, soundness, but IMHO, very sensitive temperaments. The Relaunch and RB horses I’ve met need tactful and sensitive rides. I would not expect easy for this horse, but that is my type personally.

I used to work with a mare that was a daughter of Rare Brick. She definitely had that face! Dark bay, no white, convex profile. She was a very honest soul. Not terribly affectionate, but very genuine and business like - a real hard worker. Not the best mover but efficient and had a decent jump. I put a springs worth of rides on her and when I left she was being used as a lesson horse.