How long before horse will start eating grain again after a dose of Gastroguard in an ulcery horse

Weird way to state but my guy came home from training 13 days ago and has what I’m pretty sure is a raging case of ulcers. He slowly tapered off his mash /grain this week and will only eat hay. Luckily I have a few bales of alfalfa and he is scarfing that down but will not touch his grain or mash. He got a full tube of Gastroguard Fri , 1/2 tube Sat and 1/2 tube today. Vet comes tomorrow.

If you’re going to treat - treat, meaning, full tube daily. I takes a couple days for the full dose to have the full effect.


Ok, I only had 2 so I made them stretch but will get more from the vet tomorrow.

Ask your vet about doing misoprostol as well-- it seems to make a big difference in the bad ones.


My gelding had severe ulcers. He refused grain/hay cubes/mash (literally anything out of a bucket) for close to 2 months while on GG. Thankfully we had plenty of pasture and bales alfalfa, so he held weight.

I’ll second the misoprostol recommendation. That was the key for my guy. Once we combined that with the GG, he really started coming around and would eat his grain again.

Also, if a couple of weeks of full dose GG doesn’t get him eating again, get him scoped. There’s usually more to the story (and other meds that may be indicated) if it doesn’t resolve fairly definitively in the first couple of weeks.


What drug(s) you use really depends on what kind of ulcers you have. Squamous, glandular, and pyloric all require a different starting point, unfortunately.


With thé horses i handled, After 2 or 3 days of giving full dose of gastroguard they started eating grain again. In my expérience they start eating fairly soon After starting thé treatment


any update after vet ? Jingles


Mine started eating again 48 hours after starting the treatment doses of GG.

Hope your guy bounces back!!

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He looks bright and now is eating grain but only if I hand feed it. I have heard of people reporting this before they actually start eating. Thank goodness I have bales of alfalfa and he is eating his hay well. The vet said if he isn’t back to eating well at 7 days, we are adding carafate to the mix which I’m hoping to avoid.


Continued Jingles for continued progress.

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