How long did it take to receive CWD Custom Saddle?

I ended up going through with my order with CWD, they were able to give me a great discount on a custom saddle because I had trouble with their company beforehand. (Won’t go into the details)

Anyway, I placed my order about 3 weeks ago and I’m very anxious to receive the saddle.

Does anybody who owns and ordered a custom saddle from them know about how long it took for you to receive it?

I’ve heard 10-12 weeks but I’m really hoping it comes earlier since I’d like to have it broken in by the time I start showing.

And how long did it take for you to break the saddle in?
(I went with grain)

Any advise and comments about your saddles would be great (:
Please, no bashing comments about my decision to go through with a custom saddle.

Why don’t you just ask your rep how long it will take to get it instead of asking on here again?

I’m not sure why they didn’t tell you when you ordered it how long it take for you to get it (or if they did, I’m not sure why you’re not accepting the answer they gave you).

I have never gotten a custom CWD saddle BUT my friend did and it took SIX MONTHS for her saddle to come in…

Mine came early - it took perhaps 6 weeks. That really surprised the rep, though; he’d told me to expect 2 months. Timing may be different depending on when you ordered it - I got in before most of the big winter circuits had really started. Might take longer if you ordered later.

Grain is going to take some time to break in, but mine’s coming along after only a couple of weeks. Make sure to have your rep show you how to condition and “roll” the flaps to soften the leather.

I think it’s a valid question for the OP to ask. The rep may have told her one thing, but reality could be something completely different.

The quoted times for a custom saddle vary widely from one company to the next. Most english saddles I’ve heard of take about 8 weeks. Some take twice that.

I don’t know about the French ones.

My trainer and a fellow barnmate just ordered some. I believe it took about 6-7 weeks for them to arrive. They did calfskin which is virtually zero break in. Grain I would give a few rides, and when you get it just roll/manipulate the flaps a lot to help them soften up.

That’s pretty quick! Thanks for the advise. I didn’t go with calfskin since I was told the grain gets a higher resale value and lasts longer. Is there any other way other than rolling the flaps to get the saddle to soften up?

I just purchased my CWD custom saddle in December and it took about 6 weeks +/- - which was great. The rep said it could take as long as 8-12 weeks, but I called the office in California after a couple of weeks and they were really nice to see if I can get it sooner.

I purchased Buffalo Grain and it is wonderful! When the saddle arrived, I conditioned it using almost the whole jar of conditioner they sent me and then I rode in it a couple of times. After a couple of weeks, I heated up some neatsfoot oil and oiled the flaps again - mostly because I am really picky about a soft saddle. The seat, knee rolls, etc. felt great pretty much right out of the box and didn’t take many rides to break it in.

Also, just as an update, a friend at the barn who is purchasing a new Antares rode in my saddle yesterday and loved it. She said it is very comfortable and grippy - and it’s a flat seat.

Good luck.

Lots of riding! :wink: The rolling just helps the grain flaps get floppy (after you oil) and won’t hurt the saddle. Otherwise they are pretty stiff when first taken out of the box.

Mine took about 12 weeks

Mine took a record 2.5 weeks, I kid you not. I had literally sent my rep a text, apologizing for already annoying him with updates on the saddle, when I got a call from their headquarters in Cali.

All I have to say is: WOW.
That’s extremely fast! Almost unheard of compared to 12 weeks :eek:
What I’d die to have my saddle come that fast! I was told by my rep that the saddle would be ready anywhere from 8-12 weeks :cry: and that CWD is extremely busy right now with getting customs out the door.

When a saddle is done (in general), do they just ship it out and not tell you its on it’s way or does CWD USA in Cali usually call whoever placed the order to say that it’s done?

My rep told me CWD cali would call me the day prior shipping. And so they did after a 11 weeks wait. But they did it in FRENCH ! I was so impress ! And now i love my saddle. Totally worth the wait.

It took mine 8 weeks to come. The reps say that they come anywhere from 6-8 weeks normally. I think it really depends on the custom options you ordered and where you are located. The more custom, the longer it will take. Orders usually don’t exceed 12 weeks.

I thought that CWD were no longer made because they were bought by Devoucaux?

CWD bought out Devoucoux.

Four weeks. Loved my rep. Kept in touch and it was very painless. Have had the saddle approx 6-8 weeks. 2G with grain and calf. Daughter rides a lot of horses so went with more durable. It has been easy to break in as well. Just normal conditioning with CWD product.

Okay…so are Devoucoux saddles still getting made?

Yes they are still being made. My Devoucoux rep told me that neither company has bought the other. She said that they went into some kind of partnership in order to have more bargaining power for buying leather - or something like that. She said that the two companies are like “sisters.”

I have a custom Devoucoux on order, so I know how you feel! France goes on vacation in August (wouldn’t that be nice), so my rep said 10-12 weeks. However, my boarder ordered her custom CWD last August, was told 10-12 weeks, and the saddle showed up unannounced after about 8 weeks. She was able to break her grain flaps in fairly quickly with a lot of elbow grease.

I’m at week 6 1/2, trying to be patient.

Should be. Pretty sure CWD owns Devoucoux but Devoucoux is still its own brand? Have seen reps of both at shows in recent months.