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How long does Stage 1 of foaling last?

Ok, so I’m just curious what other people’s mares have done right before foaling. I’ve read every article out there on foaling so I am well aware of all the signs and things to look for, but the one thing I’m confused about is that it says Stage 1 (the restlessness, pawing, yawning before the water breaks) is usually 1-4 hours long and then Stage 2 should occur. Yesterday my mare was showing ALL the signs (pawing, yawning, laying down, kicking/biting her belly, curling her lip etc) for about an hour or two. Then she stood up and went back to the hay bale and hasn’t kicked her belly or anything since.

Is that normal? Will she do that for a few days or is something wrong?

Thank you so much!
-Paranoid Horse Mama

I would call a vet. Probably fine, but in other species it can indicate an issue. Just went through this during lambing season.

Vet said that’s normal, she might do that for a few days until she feels ready. UGGHH! Stop teasing me! lol

My mares never did all that. Sometimes they were restless. Birthing is something different for every animal . Colic in pregnant mares is something to watch for as well. My mares tended to stream colostrum right before foaling as well.

Watch her like a hawk. Nothing quite as stressful as birthing. My goats are kidding right now and every doe is a different story.

Yes, days of that can be very normal. The foal has to get into foaling position, which is not comfortable for the mare at all, and it’s not like he’s going to just get on with it and be done. It can take a while.

And then, once he’s done that, and you start seeing that V shape, they can still go days and days.

What day is she now?