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How many shows in a row do you do?

I’m wondering other’s thoughts on how many shows in a row they do with their horse.

I half lease my horse, and in combining our two show schedules, we have one chunk of 3 weekends in a row (novice event, 1st/2nd level dressage, novice event). I usually like to have one week off between shows, but am trying to accommodate the half leaser as best I can, while also prioritizing my horse’s health! I’ve allowed for two in a row every now and then, but 3 feels like too many. He’s 15 and very fit & healthy, and I’d like to keep him that way :slight_smile:


I think a dressage show in between events is fine.

I try to event every 3 weeks though instead of every other weekend. Some people go every weekend though and don’t seem to care.

Also depends on how many tests at the dressage show. I would limit to 2 if going 2nd level in between events.

Thanks! I’m the dressage rider, half-lessor is the eventer! I usually only do 2 tests at a show, that’s all my own brain can handle :slight_smile:

That isn’t a tremendous amount of work, so my decision would have a lot to do with how well the horse travels and copes with the stress. Also, if novice XC is hard for the horse such that he’ll need a few rest days afterwards, that might impact the ability to adequately prepare for the dressage show.

I don’t think my current horses would do well with three in a row, but plenty of others would be fine.


How much traveling will be involved? If these are all local shows, under an hour in the trailer one way, that’s a lot different than shows involving 12 hour round trips. That’s just my opinion though.


When I lived in southern Ontario where all the shows and events were within 1-2 hours and run as 1-day events, I would not want to routinely do 3 in a row, but occasionally it would be fine.

However, I currently live on the west coast where most events are several hours of driving each way and run over 3 days, which I think is a lot more stressful on the horse so I would be much less likely to do 3 in a row, especially if the level at any of them were near the max for the horse skills or fitness level.


the shows are local - they are all under an hour away, and they are all only 1 day shows, so I am leaning towards letting him do all 3, but will play it a bit by ear!


With all local shows I wouldn’t see that as an issue at all. I trailer my horse out locally multiple times a week for lessons, trail rides, and shows. One dressage lesson with my coach is definitely way more physical work than a dressage or jumper show, and probably still more for my particular horse than a Novice HT.

If the horse gets stressed at shows or doesn’t travel well, that would change my answer.