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How many user names or members are on COTH?

@Moderator_1 I know that COTH has many members who are able to post. Are you able to say how many members there are?

Not the moderator. But is this what you’re looking for? Under the three-lines menu, click Users and


It says 120356 users

You can sort by any of the columns, so if you want to see who gives the most likes, or starts the most topics, click the column header. You can also change the timeframe from this week to a month, quarter, year or all time.

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Interesting, but not really.

I’m not sure I worded it properly. Looking for the number of people who have the ability to post. Maybe "how many people have accounts on COTH (whether they post or not)?

I would have thought that the number would be a lot higher than 120,356.

That is the same as the number of users.
(If you aren’t a user, you can’t post)
(On the other hand, there are some users who have been banned, so the number of people “who have the ability to post” might actually be a little less than the number of users)

Ok. Thanks. I thought it would be more than that number.

Just out of curiosity, why do you think it should be higher? Our numbers have dwindled so much in the past, oh, decade? Active users is probably a number held close to the vest by COTH, but I’d be surprised if it’s even a tenth of total users.

I’m kind of surprised at how high the total user number is! I would’ve guessed pretty significantly lower. (Maybe because I have current events and off topic muted?)

Because the COTH forums have been in existence for such a long time.

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Do you think they’ve carried untouched user accounts from 20 years ago across multiple platform changes? At some point, those are going to drop off.

I do not know the point at which accounts drop off.

I suspect that accounts with no activity have been dropped along the way.

But just sorting and clicking around, I found an account that joined in 2010 and was last active in 2016.

So there’s at least one 20+ year old account still in there, likely because it has posts associated with it. https://forum.chronofhorse.com/u/tallyho392/summary

On the flip side anecdotally it does seem like we’ve lost some content, some posts and threads may have disappeared in one or more of the upgrades when they were trying to import things into the new system. I know I tried to find something from Tom King once, and could not. So we might have also lost some users in those upgrades.

Some older usernames have definitely been wiped out over the years and moves - some older posts have posters displayed as “system” instead of the username, and I think I’ve seen other versions of deleted usernames as well. On the very old versions of the board (moderator Erin era) threads used to eventually be purged if they didn’t meet a certain number of replies, so a lot of that content is long gone as well.

I would think you could roughly estimate active users by sorting based on read time or threads viewed and then somehow counting, but that might take a very long time.

actually it is very easy to access, go to that hamburger thing then select About… there is full disclosure

Active Users 1.9k

which has been the average since the change a few years ago from when the active user count was just under six thousand

I strongly feel that the number changes from six thousand to not quite two thousand likely has to do with the new software calculating things differently.

It does not make sense that four thousand people who actively posted decided to just not come again when the format was changed.


I have no opinion on why but there is hard data that the active posters did drop by two thirds and has remain at the current level since the conversion

I do not believe the software has much if any cause and effect