How much should I sell this horse for?

This one? “Ok so I have a dutch warmblood thoroughbred cross and I’ve had him for a year and a bit and I’ve been getting really frusterated. At shows he refuses and bucks and rears and I cant even take him in the field alone. He is ok in flat classes but that isnt what I want to do.”

That is from a thread you posted a few days ago. It could be challenging to even give such a horse away to a good home, provided it was honestly represented.

If you had read the post. I am posting for a friend. This is not my post. Please read before saying something like that.[/QUOTE]

Eh, you gotta admit…8 yo like yours, cross same as yours, jumped almost 4’ like yours (at home), sensitive like you said yours was in the bit thread, you went to the province’s summer games and so did this sale horse according the YouTube channel. That’s a lot of similarities.

My bad, I assumed that’s what IPE was. But that’s Sept.

:lol::lol: newbie poster. Don’t even try back in a year – seriously, these folks have some pretty long memories!

Why are YOU selling a friend’s horse? Are you a trainer? A sales agent?

He certainly looks like a solid enough citizen in the videos, taking a few jokes. If this is the same horse I would definitely be wondering whether there’s something physical going on (though of course that’s getting off topic…).