How much to sell old used Hermes

I’m looking to sell my Hermes saddle, I don’t have any idea how old it really is, but I do know that it was owned by someone (for I dont know how long), who sold it to the barn I rode at to be used as a lesson saddle (for I don’t know how long), and then I got my trainer to give it to me before I headed to college since that’s what I had been riding in most. I just recently purchased a new one and although I really love this saddle, I have no use for two. I’d like to get at least a couple hundred out of it to help cover the cost if the new one, but I’m really just happy to get what it’s worth. But the problem is I don’t know how much it’s worth! Hopefully I can get some suggestions and opinions.

It’s really a pretty solid saddle, the tree is not twisted and is strong, stirrup bars are solid, and the billets are strong. The leather is smooth and butter soft, and does not scratch easily either. It does have a tendency to lighten pretty noticeably when it gets too hot (like gets left in a hot car for a day or two) or when it hasn’t been conditioned in a couple weeks, but cleaning and conditioning it returns it to a nice smooth color. The panels have some bad cracking, it did when I started using it, they haven’t changed in the 4 years that I’ve known it, and they actually feel very soft and smooth. The seat also has a tear along the stitching that was there and hasn’t changed a bit. The seat is 17.5, gullet is 4.5. It had marks from a saddle plate before I got it and I put mine on it as well, and a dee-ring is also missing.

This saddle has seen a TON of use on a lot of horses and I think with proper care it can see a lot more. I’ve taken it on hacks out in the field, across sand dunes, and I’ve jumped 4’ triple bars with it. I’ve used it up to 5 times a week on 7 horses a day ranging from babies to schoolmasters. It gives you lots of freedom and I think, because of that, it encourages a solid leg and seat.

Im considering throwing in the stirrups and leathers in the last two pictures as well. I’d also love any recommendations or words of wisdom when it comes to selling. I’ve got some experience from the buying end through purchasing my other one, but I have yet to experience selling a saddle.

Pictures: (saddle needs to be cleaned in all but the last two, I’d of course clean it for ad pictures. But I also wanted pictures of how it can discolor for anyone who may inquire)

OP–I’d use eBay to get an idea of pricing. As someone who got to ride in an old Hermes for a couple of years, I think they are worth their weight in gold. BUT, not everyone will think so.

Also, just a heads up that you might some flak that this sounds like an ad.

Realistically in that condition I think you’re looking at a $300-$500 if you’re lucky. I’d keep it if you can, you never know when you’re going to need a backup.