How old is this saddle? Serial help

I’ve recently acquired a lovely Barnsby but have discovered it is NOT the Aurora as I was told. It’s the Merlin. I was also told it’s from 2008, but I’m thinking that’s not true either. Can anyone help me with the serial number so I can figure out it’s real age?


I’m not familiar with Barnsby serial numbers, but the only number that looks like it could be a year to me is 94.

I think with Barnsby saddles the 2 is the tree size, 17 seat size. The letter is supposed to indicate the year. Hopefully someone will know what year “F” is for.

Edit: there’s a question on their facebook page about an “F” saddle. The reply says 2006.

Where did you see that post? I’m not able to find it.

Where did you see that post? I’m not able to find it.[/QUOTE]

If you look in the “posts to wall” section, it’s from May 22.

It also says that “4” is a medium-wide, so your 2 is likely a medium-narrow.

Well there ya go! And funny enough, it’s definitely not a medium narrow. It’s at least five inches, maybe six, wide at the gullet. Tree is sound, flocking is just about shot, but that’s the only bad thing I’ve found. I’m wondering if it was stamped incorrectly.

I’m sorry, I didn’t see your question but you got the answer anyway. :slight_smile:

Barnsby saddle can be “pressed” to widen or narrow the tree. I’m not sure by how much though.