How should I price this saddle?

It’s a 16" RD collegiate with medium tree. It’s been barely ridden in and its in good condition. I condition it at least once a week especially because it’s so hot and dry where I live. There’s a small nick on the back but other than that theres nothing wrong with it. I’m selling it because it’s just too poor quality leather for me to show in the higher classes I’ll be doing next year. Can anyone help me price this saddle and any suggestions for where I could sell it the fastest??


Check out the FB group English Tack Trader and search for similar saddles. That should give you a frame of reference on price, and it would be a good place to sell it. However, I wouldn’t link quality of leather and selling your saddle to moving up – if the saddle fits you and your horse, and is not hurting your position, it won’t matter one bit what saddle you have for the next division. If you just want a new one, fine, I’m just saying I wouldn’t feel like you have to have one to move up if quality of leather is the only issue.


A very general rule of thumb, is half the original cost of the saddle then go up or down depending on condition. Popularity of the brand and size etc. may effect what you can expect to get.

If you don’t think its a good quality saddle then buyers are going to expect it to be priced low.

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I’ve never priced at half cost, but I did buy my new one unused at half cost and felt a touch bad about it (but I couldn’t afford the full price either). For my most recent saddle I sold I dropped current (new) rate by $200… the quality of the older model I had is much much better, but mine was in used condition. Sold in less than a week.

I would price compare by checking ebay and checking the facebook groups (tons out there where you can sell tack). Just search “collegiate saddles” and you can find what is in the marketplace. To make what I sell more enticing I will state a price that includes shipping.

The exact model you have in brand new condition is going for $450 (includes shipping). Sold without leathers. It has been posted for over 2 months and there are no interested parties. I would price yours lower than that as it is used, but if you are selling with leathers make sure to note that in your ad and reflect it in your price.

Those saddles consistently go for $250 - $350 online. Collegiete is a mid range quality saddle and the RD is an older saddle.

If it fits your horse and you it’s nonsense that it will affect your placings at higher quality shows. I will assume that you have some teenage friends who are fashion oriented and have spread these rumors.


If that’s what it’s worth I wouldn’t even bother selling it. If you are moving up to a good condition higher end newer saddle you are looking at several thousand dollars minimum.

Sales price for your old saddle barely makes a dentbinnthat cost.

If your current saddle fits and is comfortable ID keep it as backup.

Or just keep it and show in it. No one over the age of 14 will care which is why judges need to be adults.