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How to attach sandwich case to saddle without D rings?

I have a CWD saddle that I hunt with, but it does not have rear D rings to attach my sandwich case. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas before I send it off to the saddle fitter to add D rings. I’d like to figure out a way to attach it without doing so.

I went through this with my wire cutter case. You will need to add D-rings. If your saddle has a rim of leather you may be able to add them yourself using a leather punch and either pop rivets or Chicago screws.

I had to send my saddle to a good saddler and got the dee rings added.

I don’t know of another option.

Once upon a time they made a half pad that went under the saddle with places to attach things…I think it had strings, d rings, etc. but I really don’t remember. It was designed for english saddles that didn’t have ways to attach things to the saddle, so you could attach to this half pad. I have no idea if iti is still made.