How to change email address associated with account

When I signed up for the forums, lo these many years ago, I used an email address I no longer have access too. When I look in my account preferences, it shows this email but doesn’t give me the option to edit it. I’m worried that If I have to change my password I won’t be able to receive the password reset link by email.


Hi there ~

To update your email address, you have to go through our main site. To do that, click on “Home” from the menu on the left. That takes you to the Chronicle’s main site. From there, click on your name in red in the upper left corner of the screen.

You should then see your account information. From that screen, you have the option to edit your email address.

Please let me know if you have any trouble!

It’s giving me an error that the email I want to use is already in use by another account, probably from a Secret Santa account. What’s the best way to go from here?

Please PM me with the email you want to use for this account. If it’s a Secret Santa account, I can delete it or anonymize it to free up your address for your main account.