How to find out where/who/how an eventer was injured?

Hi, alter here as I’m looking for any event writeups or info on what/how a rider was injured at an event?

This is not for anything bad for the event. I’m trying to investigate if something is being downplayed by a trainer.

  1. Unless they are very very famous, and it’s an Olympic level competition, the mainstream press doesn’t report equestrian.

  2. Horse publications are very diplomatic and discrete and will generally not print anything like this if the parties want to keep it quiet.

  3. All trainers downplay bad stuff that happens on their watch. That can range from trainers of very good character who respect the privacy of their clients and don’t gossip down to the lying sociopath trainers who deny anything that casts them in a bad light. The trainer will downplay, it’s a given.

  4. We don’t really have a right to that kind of information about private individuals anyhow.

  5. Your best bet may be cultivating a network of local gossip grapevine but t hey often exaggerate in the toxic direction.

The only possible reason to want to know is if you are evaluating a horse for sale and want to know if the accident proves the horse dangerous.

The best horse buying advice I’ve seen on COTH is vet the seller before the horse. If you think the trainer is lying to you about a horse for sale, just walk away.

If it’s for any other reason than buying a horse MYOB. And if it’s for buying a horse you will never know. Even if you found a paragraph saying “BNR suffered a severe rotational fall on Big Fluffy at last week’s cross country trials” you will never know if that was pilot error or an issue with horse or a terrible fluke.


Search this forum, especially in the WTF Are We Doing Thread.


Ask the rider?


whatever injuries happened to the person is for them to share if and when they want to, and the trainer may be respecting the client’s wishes. Also I know several trainers who will not participate in discussions about their clients or their clients horses. If the client wants to share their horses latest injury, or their great or terrible lesson/ show its for them to discuss so trainer doesn’t come off as an unprofessional gossip. Working in the medical profession myself, I’m particularly sensitive to sharing health/medical information about a person on the “Wide world web”.


While this BB is fond of rampant speculation and judgement, it’s really none of your business. I strongly disagree that a random nobody on a BB has “the right” to know how someone got hurt on a horse. Someone with an actual legitimate affiliation with a group or organization responsible for rider injuries is different.

If I got injured and didn’t feel like sharing I’d be livid if my trainer was blabbing to random strangers gossiping on a BB and frankly I’d strongly consider firing them as my trainer. Otherwise, put on your big girl pants and ask the rider or their friends if it’s that important to you. If they don’t share, then it’s none of your business.


No comment on whether/why you need to know, but you could try checking the show photographer’s site, if there was one. They often don’t show the actual fall but sometimes you can see what led up to it.


Chiming back on to reiterate MYOB. Trainers should not be talking about their clients. That’s the sign of a discrete and professional trainer. And peers, colleagues, “barn family,” close ranks around people they like and respect, and don’t gossip.


I agree, and I think the thought is that understanding why someone got injured or died would prevent the same thing from happening to ourselves, but again as I have said, it’s really none of our business.

I know there’s a thread on this BB where we think we have the right to know what happened to a rider, and posters have even gone so far as to harass the parents of the dead rider or their friends for the details. If anyone of us here worked in an official capacity for some sort of organization that was officially analyzing rider falls then we wouldn’t have to talk about it on a BB. No matter what we feel like that information belongs to the rider to distribute as they feel see fit, or an official inquiry to analyze rider injuries. That’s it.

Knowing what happened might be useful statistically for a governing body that can see trends. It’s not that useful for an individual looking at one incident when you already know all the safety rules. Also the OP seemed to be wanting to evaluate the trainer and say they weren’t being honest and were downplaying.

Of course they were. That’s the trainers job. Distrust the trainer that gossips or complains about clients, not the one who is discrete.


When was this???

OP if you know the horse you can look up results and see if there a “MR” for horse fall, or “RF” for rider fall on their score sheet.

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Thank you. I was able to locate an MR record. A PUBLIC record. Which is what I was looking for.


I like the often used reply.
Don’t feed trolls.

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Well said!!

It’s not really trolling to want to know if a horse has a fall on its record?


Yeah but something weird about the OP’s request. And what’s an MR record? A medical record?

I think it means a record of an MR, as in a horse fall. @Jealoushe had provided that terminology in the post before OPs response.

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Yes, the OP had a kind of gossipy I don’t trust the trainer vibe. The OP wanted to find out how badly injured the rider was. And didn’t say why.

If the post said: “I’m considering buying a horse, where I know there was some kind of incident on the cross country course. The parties involved are being discrete. Is it possible to find out what happened, and if the horse is unsafe?” that’s totally different. I think the answer is still, not really, because a horse could fall from rider error.


The OP wasn’t asking about the horse. If I got injured and my trainer gave the full dirty details to a total stranger I’d fire my trainer. It’s nobody’s business except maybe some sort of official investigative committee.


Why do you need to know? Are you purchasing the horse? Why does how the rider was injured matter to you? Why can’t you just ask the rider herself?

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