How to navigate to top post?

With long threads that have 1,000’s of posts, is there a way to navigate to the original post at the top?

I know you can use the scroll bar to scroll up, but it only goes up a few posts and then seems to reload a page.

Eg., I can’t scroll up to Post #1 by just dragging the scroll bar to the top. The scroll bar just goes up like 10 posts, so if I want to scroll up to Post #1 of 2,000 it takes forever.

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On my tablet, if I click on the title, in the upper left corner, it takes me back to the first post, usually.

But sometimes I accidentally fat finger it and hit the forum instead (Technical Help Forum).


Thank you! Never would have tried that.

Based on navigating in Word, or PDF docs, I had thought I could click on the XXX/Y,YYY and type “1” in the post number, the thread would go to 1/Y,YYY…but nooooo. So thanks again.

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You’re welcome!

In fairness, I think I discovered it by accident one day and was so happy!

Thanks for sharing that info @ekat.

@pluvinel, if using a computer, you can also click on the time stamp at the top of the green navigation slider to take you to the first post. Clicking on the last time stamp at the bottom will take you to the most recent post. (Oct 11 in the example below.)

Also, if you’re looking at the forum list of different thread titles, and click on the number of replies in that thread, there will be a pop-up that gives you an option to click on a link to the first or last post in that thread.


Thank you @Moderator_1