How to price a saddle?

So, I’ve had this Pessoa saddle for around 8/9 years now - it’s in relatively good condition. I’ve had almost no issues with it since it was ordered for me when I was in my teens – save for a replacement of the billets at the beginning of this year (2015). I recently found a new trainer and have begun to ride with the intent to compete by the end of this summer (hopefully august), but my trainer has told me that I’ve outgrown my saddle in the last 8/9 years and I should look into acquiring a saddle that will fit me a little better. I absolutely LOVE my Pessoa - it’s incredibly comfortable, but it seems we’ve come to the point in our lives where we must part ways. That being said, the sale of my saddle will help fund my next purchase - and I have absolutely NO idea how to price a saddle or what to expect out of the sale. It is a 17 1/2" Saddle with a Medium tree. Here are some pictures of the saddle in question:

Any input would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Check out Ebay or “English Saddles for Sale” on Facebook. I see Pessoa’s on there all the time.

I’ve done some looking around on sites like ebay and craigslist, but I’m not entirely entirely sure what’s comparable to the saddle I have =/ – I’m seeing prices vary from $450 to upwards of $2k

FWIW, your saddle is in lovely condition. You have clearly cared for it well and I think the new billets make it a fancy version of that saddle. Also, I think Pessoas made farther back were of better quality. And your saddle is of a useful size.

Ebay and places like Rick’s Heritage Saddlery that move a lot of off-the-shelf CC saddles will give you good “comps.” Oh, and HorseClicks is another good place. TackTrader seems to get less traffic now.

Take your time. Since you have one of these saddles in your hand, you can really tell a lot about the condition of the saddles seen in pictures vis-a-vis the leather you can feel in person in your saddle.

If I were in your spot, I’d price my saddle fairly and wait until I had the buyer who could appreciate the difference between a well-cared-for used saddle and a poor one.

Thank you mvp! I absolutely love this saddle and am having a hard time thinking about letting it go.

I poked around Rick’s Heritage Saddlery and I think I have a good idea as to what to expect for my saddle!

Again, thank you so much mvp - I really appreciate your input! :slight_smile: