How to sell a horse these days? NC

It’s time for me to part with my horse and I have no idea where to advertise him. They are more like my beloved dogs than “just” a horse so I care most about who will have them and how they will be kept.
Asking for advise on how to sell and also any thoughts on how to securing a great home for him.
I don’t want to use a trainer/trader I need to control where he goes.

My area has gone from horse barns to subdivsions . Almost every horse barn is gone and the people I knew have left town.

I do think a trainer or word of mouth is the best way to go. You can sell through your trainer or have your trainer spread the word without sending him to a sales barn or pay your trainer to sell him, if that’s what you are implying.

I don’t have a trainer, horse is 14 but perfect . As I mentioned area has become suburban and really everyone horsey is gone especially for gaited horses, 3 hunt barns are left. 5K houses built in last 2 years!

Sadly, there have never been any guarantees on sales.
You can include a Right of First Refusal in your contract, but those are notoriously disregarded.
If you can handle a tax deduction instead of cash proceeds from a sale, look into therapeutic riding programs to donate (if your horse is a candidate).
Even then, a friend donated her mare & some 10yrs later the program called her to say mare was no longer usable, did she want her back.
She did not & then was told they would euth.
No guarantees once the horse is no longer yours.


Thanks and I suspect that there is no way to guarantee right of first refusal yet AKC dog breeders seem to be doing it sucessfully.
This horse is a great horse not for a theraputic program . He is exceptional so I know he’d go fast but I don’t use facebook so where do people list horses now.?
Health issue or oherwise I’d never sell him. He is irreplaceable .

OK, now I am intrigued. What are you trying to do if not sale him?

Confusing post, but maybe you have a friend who can post him on FB for you? I’ve sold my last two through various FB groups, very quickly at that.

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You leave out so much important info. Is he sound? Ridable/ trained decently? Or just companion animal status?

If he is actually a horse someone could ride and do something with then I would let your vet and farrier know he is for sale and that you want to find him a good home that would be a good fit for him.

Both of these professionals will know the living conditions/ care / experience level of the people who might be interested and could probably make it easier than going on CL, or an internet sight.

There is no forever home unless you keep him. Even if you find the " perfect" person things could change the next day. There is no guarantee.


14 yr old gelding , flaxen main and tail, completely trained for all kinds of trails , no spook, healthy, friendly loves people. 4 yrs professional training to be safe for older but experienced rider, trainers mother who shown him occasionally, gets along with other horses, ride front or back
And incredible TWH gaits very smooth, fast , rocking chair canter him .Ride alone or with group so as you can see other then being only 15 hands he is dream horse , rides in a snaffle, English or western .
I can’t ride anymore and loss my help this week so its time for me to face the awful truth and let him go.
Only bad habit is pawing when trailer stops but not while moving.

I also have a 31 yr old mare who stay till the end and a perfectly healthy 20 yr old but he needs experienced rider . I don’t know what to do with him as 99% of time he is great pleasure horse and beautiful,sound but he can out of the blue have a serious spook.

There are still horse classifieds online, try listing him there. Dreamhorse and I’m sure others could chime in. Do you have any horsey friends who could post an ad on facebook for you?

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Triangle Area Equestrians is a good Facebook page to start on. Take QUALITY pictures and make a nice ad for him. You’ll be limited to those who want a gaited horse but you can really advocate for him. Consider putting him with trainers with a wide network who can help you sell him.

Your 20 year old who still spooks out of the blue may be harder to place. People will want to see your vet records to see how you addressed this in his life.

Also, consider giving them away to a good home. You have all of the control over where they go. Good Luck!

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This horse is still sellable . As long as you disclose the fact. Are there certain triggers that you know of that cause him to spook?

Your 14 year old I most certainly would not give away. He is what a lot of people are looking for and giving him away does not ensure a better home or that you can control what happens to him.

I’m reading a lot of ads these days and these sound like very marketable horses. Even with a spook/age.

Write up good ads, take nice photos, profile, head and rear photos. Videos of movement if you can (it will be help)

Dream horse seems to be the marketplace for this sort of horse and the local Facebook groups are golden.

There’s no guarantees when you sell…that’s reality. The best you can do is set them up for success.

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I tried posting to local facebook groups and it was not allowed .
This is an exceptional horse but how do I let the area Piedmont NC . southern pines, Apex, Chapel hill know about him.
Failed with facebook even though I joined the groups.
Advice Please

They won’t take my horse ad? Help

Facebook is not taking my horse ad . Advice!

Favebook would not take horse for sale ad. Advice

You can’t post prices for horses on FB. Have anyone interested PM you for price.

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In the groups I am in, a general statement like “low fours” or “mid-fives” doesn’t seem to get ads pulled. But the safest thing to do is ask them to PM you for price.

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Horse seller here. I have been the main or ancillary seller in 10 sales this year and if I had access to more horses, I could have sold many more. Of course I deal in a specialty breed in low supply and high demand. However, the horse market for a safe, pleasant horse is pretty good regardless of the breed.

J-Lu gave good advice. You need good photos – horse standing square conformation shots, You need a video of the horse being mounted and then at the W/T/C. If the horse does well on trails, so trail video is icing on the cake. The video does not have to long but show the gaits and the horse’s way of going. Height, age, training, and location. Buyers are coming from all over not just locally to buy horses.

While FB does ban ads for animal sales if you word your ad so that it says something like For Your Consideration, does not say SALE anywhere and instructs to PM for more info, it will be accepted. I also suggest using a paid service like Dreamhorse. Pay the $25 for the photo. Then get ready to work because you will get queries and you need to stay on top of them. The will be a scammer or two, but most will be legitimate. They will contact by email, by text and sometimes by phone. Just be prepared to be a parrot because many buyers have readying comprehension issues and will ask the same info that is in your ad. I have sold horses to buyers sight unseen, but more often than not, they will come try the horse. I recommend it personally. If the horse seems like a good fit and the buyer is interested, get references. CHECK references. Also, during the time the buyer is there, you should have gathered information on their background, horsekeeping set-up, intended use, etc.

One point that I want to make as a sales agent. I never, ever, ever sell a horse without the owner’s permission. I gather all information, check references and relay the offer to the owner. I give my opinion about suitability. The owner chooses, not me. I have said no to buyers on behalf of the owner. So using an agent is not giving up control over the horse. Your rights as the owner should be stated in the consignment contract. Of course, if no contract is provided, then you might want to think twice about using that agent.

If you have the time and energy to sell the horse yourself, then go for it. Absolutely that will be best for you.