How to sell a horse

I posted at off course but thought I’d try here.
I have a great peerfect TWH I have to sell ( my health) but facebook won’t take my ad.
Please any suggestions on how to sell this horse. Its been yrs since I sold a horse and all the local web sites are gone and the NC trail riders and gaited horse facebook groups aren’t taking horse for sale ads.

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I’ve bought three horses off of You might try that.


Second the rec.

Also, don’t forget Craigslist–it’s local.

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Websites like Craig’s List or here in the South are good places or advertise, and are free.

There are some trick to use to get around Facebook’s ban on animal sales. Use words like “rehoming” or “relocating”. Instead of price, talk about number of carrots. Only discuss actual sale terms via PM. There are several horse buy/sell groups active on Facebook. Just do a search of local horse groups. Read their rules and follow them.


check your messages…

When I want to inquire about the price of a horse I always ask “how many carrots?”

On fb say “can be yours or 4 ur consideration”. Never mention price.

Make sure you have hood quality pics and videos.

Dreamhorse is a good sale site

Dream horse or your local horse Facebook groups. Advertise the halter that is for sale, the one the horse happens to be wearing