How to show thumbnails on youtube videos?

The title says it all. I have seen people post links to youtube videos that show a “thumbnail” image.

When I want to insert a video, I just click on “insert link” icon and the post shows the link as text with the video URL.

the ones that I posted where just to quote the YouTube link, the post then has a thumbnail of the quoted link

Just copy/paste the URL.

It needs to be on it’s own line, not embedded in other text.

Like so, with this random video:

Which looks like this in the reply window.

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Thank you guys!!!

Obviously I was over-thinking this…

@clanter @Simkie Enjoy some nice music by Paco de Lucia

default is always the least … when I was a supervisor in the Army any difficult task was always assigned to the laziest man who would find all the short cuts to get something done which we then would put into how to get the job done

Hmmmmm…this is actually quite a profound insight. Thank-you @clanter.

I teach at an engineering school and always stress “human factors” into how things can go wrong. One of my main premises is if engineers complicate things too much, people will find a way around procedures. I will have to incorporate this thinking into my classwork.

I oversaw a product development group for a manufacturer… engineers, R and D, Marketing, Purchasing, Manufacturing… all had different concepts of just what the new product was supposed to be. I came from the Marketing side of the business but ended up overseeing this mob keeping the direction to solutions rather than bickering. Basically just ot maintain the focus of the group (I kept a lot of notes which the others soon learned to respect)

Often Purchasing would out do themselves in finding cost savings that were not run through engineering to validate the new item … if they could shave a mill off that translated into a $25,000 savings in raw material

If you look up Theory of Constraints Handbook by Goldratt, she has a great visual in her “Getting to Agreement” chapter.
TOC Handbook

Here is a good link describing the Layers of Resistance

  1. We Do Not Agree on the Problem
  2. We Do Not Agree on the Direction of the Solution
  3. We Do Not Agree That the Proposed Solution Resolves the Problem
  4. Yes But…the Proposed Solution Will Create Other Problems
  5. Yes But…there Are Huge Obstacles to Implementing the Proposed Solution
  6. Unverbalised Fear

@clanter I agree 1000% … Been there…done that…the emperor has no clothes.