How to stake XC jumps?

I’ve been building some XC jumps and I want to stake them down, but I haven’t found any directions for the correct way to do it, just to do it. Anyone have any directions or photos?

You can make wooden stakes yourself with 2×4 lumber. Cut it to 18 inches long and create a point on one of the ends. Pound it into the ground next to the jump and screw the 2×4 to the jump. You also can buy concrete or form stakes from a home-improvement store. They are 2-foot rods with many holes in them (see photo page 54). Hammer so the top of the rod is at the top of the 6×6 base and use a 3-inch screw through the hole at the top of the rod to affix it to the jump.


This is what I was looking for! “concrete stakes”. Thanks!!


good luck!!

there are anchors made for mobile structures that are designed for removal from the ground

here is one example

Have a look also on the BE website for advice