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How to take photos of saddle, pommel to cantle

Please Help! I have a potential buyer that wants me to take photos showing the straightness of the pommel to cantle. How can I set the saddle and take good photos for her to determine if it is what she is looking for?
Thanks for your help!

Put it on a saddle rack, stand on a chair over it and press the button.

Put it on a saddle rack, stand on a chair over it and press the button.[/QUOTE]

If I were your buyer I’d want a less cavalier approach to the problem.

I think the buyer is asking a sophisticated question about the position and balance point of the saddle. I think, OP, you should try to show her what she’s looking for, especially if you’d like her to part with her money.

I’m not sure what shot she means, but I think I’d take the picture dead on from the side. I’d get low so that the camera was even with the seat. And-- very important-- I’d set up the saddle as it would be on a horse. That means that you might need a bounce pad behind to keep the pommel and cantle level** if you are using one of those folding metal saddle stands. IME, just plopping a saddle on one of those suckers gives it an uphill balance. And then it really is hard to evaluate the geometry of a saddle.

** Remember that when the saddle is sitting on the horse, the cantle should sit just a little bit higher than the pommel. At most, they should be level.

I hope this helps.

If she really means she wants a shot looking down the saddle-- as though you were sitting on the horse’s neck and looking at his tail, maybe I can help you figure out how to do that in a way that’s helpful.

IMO it means they want a shot straight from the front and/or the back to see if the tree is twisted at all.

Yes, she wanted it from behind, thank you for your help!

Silly me - it took 3 whole days to sell my saddle.