How wide for an alley between fields?

We have about an acre of useless front lawn. I would like to fence it off for more pasture (zoning allows for this), but it’s also kind of an awkward size as a stand-alone paddock.

Ideally, I’d like to create an alley way to connect it to the pastures behind my house so the horses can utilize it as they wish. I could accomplish this by creating an alley along the side of my property.

Problem is, the well is located smack dab in the middle of my side yard where I would run this alley. To avoid the well, the alley could only be about 25’ according to Google Earth.

Is a 25’ alley too narrow? It would be pretty long; it’s about 400’ from the back field to the front area.

I’d totally be comfortable with 25’. Especially with a stable herd that all knows each other and (for the most part) gets along.

Does 25’ allow you to get your mower along each side, too?


Plenty of room for the mower! The perimeter is already fenced, so no issue on that side. I’d just run a fence 25’ over, leaving plenty of clearance for the mower to get by the wells and some trees in the area.

Although my herd isn’t very mentally stable, lol.

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I too would be comfortable with a long 25’ wide lane as long as it’s not full of crazy sharp turns.

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25’ is more than enough. We had a short connecting area at one barn, about 12’ wide and 30’ long. Never had an issue.

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Glad to hear it!

I inherently hate long, skinny corridors + horses. I’m just having a hard time visualizing if it will be “wide enough” for comfort.

But as much as I hate long, skinny corridors, I also hate large swaths of open grass that could be used for grazing. Why am I wasting time mowing this again? :rofl:


Two stalls wide. (12’ stalls) I stood in my barn and looked at that. Yup, looks good :laughing:


I have a “chute” that is 24 feet wide and about 700 feet long to connect two sets of pastures, and it works fine. I currently have 2 horses, but in the past had 4 horses using it.

The only “problem” is if the ground is really wet, it does get torn up a bit.

Here is a diagram, but you will need to click on it and open it to see it properly.

turnout 2022.ppt (248 KB)

You are still going to have to mow it. They will eat out the choice bits and let the rest of it grow tall and scraggly. It will get fertilized though - just not very evenly.

Several years ago there were a number of articles explaining why a “long skinny” paddock was better than a “squarer” one. In particular, horses get more exercise going from one end to the other


Yup, the whole Paddock Paradise concept.

Yes! I’m a big follower of Jaime Jackson and paddock paradise. If my property were different, I’d love to create one. However it is very muddy here and until I win the lottery and can create 11 acres of dry lot, it’s in my best interest to stick with grassy pastures.

Ultimately, I find alley ways and corridors to be a good place for accidents to happen. When the alpha horse stops and blocks the way but the subordinate horses try to push through, bad things happen.

Also, too narrow of corridors get ugly looking fast as they turn to mud.

So that’s why I’m asking about the width!

Absolutely! I wasn’t planning on skipping mowing. But our pastures can go a few weeks between mowing, meanwhile “yard grass” looks out of control if it isn’t mowed at least once a week. Why am I mowing perfectly good grass weekly when it could be lowering my hay bill?


The aisles the Madden’s run their retiree herds through between the summer and winter pastures look to be about 25’ feet, and they send through huge herds. Seems good to me!

That’s a pretty good endorsement for the width. Their farm is incredible!


25’ is plenty. You should look up track grazing! You can do a lot with that kind of space!

If you make it 25’ wide, is there enough room to get your tractor in on both sides to mow and weed whip?

Good to go ! Enjoy ~ nice idea !